SSL Certificate Cost – What Does It Cost to Get It Issued?

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SSL Certificate Cost Price

SSL Certificate Price Differs According to the Type of Validation Level & Brand You Choose

Choosing the correct type of SSL certificate according to the requirement is essential. For instance, if you’re looking to sell any product online or going to do any financial transaction, then DV SSL certificate won’t work, and you’ll need an EV SSL certificate. Likewise, if you’ve to secure the main domain and multiple sub-domains, then a Wildcard SSL certificate will do the best for you.

Henceforth, the SSL certificate cost depends entirely on what type of SSL certificate you’re looking for and majorly on the certificate authority from whom you choose to purchase your SSL certificate.

SSL certificate serves threefold functionalities:

  • It ensures the safety of your website while preventing cyber-attack by encrypting your communication between client and server.
  • It ensures your site visitors are safe, which helps in keeping site traffic steady while increasing it.
  • Google and other search engines favor those websites with an SSL certificate installed. For instance, users don’t face a Not Secure warning.

Nonetheless, once you’re sure you have to purchase an SSL certificate, you may have a question like how much an SSL certificate costs. Put simply, the price of an SSL certificate varies from one SSL certificate to another and also which CA you choose. For instance, the same SSL certificate offered by different certificate authorities will cost you differently.

Simply because the brand reputation is also one of the primary reasons behind the SSL certificate price fluctuation, for instance, an SSL certificate can cost you from as low as $8 to as high as $80 per year, depending upon the type of SSL certificate you choose to go with.

Let’s understand why SSL price variation occurs.

SSL Cost Depends Upon Type

An SSL certificate is a file in digital format that encrypts communication or information transmitted between the client and the server. Likewise, the primary reason for SSL pricing getting affected is the number of domains you’re looking to secure using an SSL certificate and the level of verification process used for validating user identity who owns the website.

Hence, keeping such factors in mind, let’s find out the type of SSL certificate available.

Single Domain SSL Certificate

As the name implies, the single-domain SSL certificate secures one FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). In other words, a single-domain SSL certificate will only secure one website and not anything else. So, if you’ve multiple domains or domains with multiple sub-domains, then a single-domain SSL certificate won’t be helpful. Instead, if you’ve only one website, then a single-domain SSL certificate will be good to go. Likewise, this type of SSL certificate comes in all the three-validation levels, whether it’s DV (Domain Validated), OV (Organization Validated), or EV (Extended Validated). And, because of being a single-domain SSL certificate, its price is comparatively on the lower side, according to the chosen validation level and certificate authority brand.

A single-domain SSL certificate may cost you anywhere from $2.99 per year to as high as $149.99 per year, depending upon which type of SSL validation level you choose to purchase.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL certificate is an inexpensive option for securing one main domain with an unlimited number of sub-domains. No doubt, a single-domain SSL certificate can secure sub-domains, but for each sub-domain, you’ll require to purchase a separate SSL certificate.

Henceforth, you can choose a Wildcard SSL certificate that allows you to secure as many sub-domains you want using a single Wildcard SSL certificate. For example, you can secure,, and so on. Likewise, Wildcard SSL certificate is available in two types of validation level DV (Domain Validation) and OV (Organization Validation).

Wildcard SSL certificate may cost you from $10.99 per year to $399.99 per year

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

There’s no need to go with multiple SSL certificates if you’re looking to secure multiple websites. Instead, a Multi-Domain SSL certificate offered by respected certificate authorities like Sectigo and Comodo helps you cover your entire web presence.

For instance, once your Multi-Domain SSL certificate is issued, you can secure multiple websites such as,,, and so on. Likewise, certificate authority like Sectigo and Comodo allows you to secure up to 250 FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain) domains. Again, a Multi-Domain SSL certificate is available in all the three-validation levels, DV, OV, and EV.

Henceforth, the price of a multi-domain SSL certificate varies from as high as possible like any other EV (Extended Validated) SSL certificate to as low as DV (Domain Validated) SSL certificate.

Multi-Domain SSL certificate may cost you anywhere from $10.99 per year to $699.99 per year

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate combines two SSL certificates, Wildcard and Multi-Domain. And as the name implies, it helps secure multiple domains with unlimited sub-domains. Therefore, if you’ve multiple websites that also have sub-domains, this Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate can be an inexpensive option instead of going with the separate Wildcard SSL certificate that can prove costly as well as time-consuming. Likewise, it’s available in two options DV (Domain Validated) and OV (Organization Validated).

A Multi Domain Wildcard SSL certificate may cost you anywhere between $10.99 per year to $179.99 per year

Where to Find the Best SSL Certificate for My Website?

Certificate Authorities (CA) like Sectigo and Comodo are globally known CA who provide the best SSL certificate with all the latest security features in an affordable price range. Likewise, if you purchase from us instead of going directly with the CA, then you’ll get the same SSL certificate but in a cheaper price range, as we ourselves get the discount on purchasing SSL certificates in bulk, due to which we’re capable of passing on that discount to our customers.

How Much Does an SSL Certificate Cost?

SSL certificates offered by CAs (Certificate Authorities) like Sectigo and Comodo are some of the globally known and cheapest in terms of price. Likewise, they also provide the industry’s best security standard, making them an ideal choice for small to big business owners.

Nonetheless, the standard SSL certificate offered by Certera, Sectigo and Comodo can be bought as low as $2.99 per year, making it an ideal solution for those who don’t have a budget and looking for basic encryption to avoid browser warnings. Furthermore, if you’re interested in increasing your cost-efficiency, you can purchase an SSL certificate from us at CheapSSLWeb. Likewise, we offer the discounted price on the latest SSL certificates along with access to 24×7 technical support from SSL experts.

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