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Comodo Email Certificates for Digitally Signing Emails & Providing Point-to-Point Email Encryption

Comodo Email certificate is one of the X.509 certificates that secures your organization's digital infrastructure from hackers who pose as legit employees, devices, or servers that often result in theft of sensitive information, intellectual property, or damage to business and reputation. Compromise of Business Email is among the primary reason why businesses lose billions of dollars every year. And one of the ways to prevent such incidents is to secure and authenticate your business emails using the Email Signing certificate offered by certificate authorities such as Comodo.

Comodo Email certificate provides you scalable security for email that helps prevent phishing and data loss. Natively compatible with popular enterprise email clients, it offers digital signing and robust email encryption of up to 256-bit by simply clicking a button for all the outgoing emails.

CPAC Basic CPAC Pro CPAC Enterprise
Price From $7.99/year $14.99/year $29.99/year
Max. Term 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Validation Requirements Domain Control Domain Control Identity Verification Domain Control Identity Verification Organization Validation
Certificate Fields [email protected] [email protected]
First Name, Last Name
[email protected]
First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Company Address
Email Encryption Yes Yes Yes
Email Signing Yes Yes Yes
Document Signing Yes Yes Yes
Client Authentication Yes Yes Yes

Specifications of Comodo Email Certificate

  • Encrypts and decrypts your emails automatically.
  • Visible encryption representation through blue lock symbol in popular email clients.
  • Shows users that emails are genuine and haven't been tampered with through the checkmark icon.
  • Decrypts all the incoming attachments.
  • Automatically encrypts your email replies.
  • Encrypt all the attachments sent through email.
  • Provides the same secure experience with plain text emails.
  • Make use of the same email repository & search for all emails.
  • Secures email with robust 256-bits encryption standard.
  • Trusted and compatible with major email clients like Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange, and even popular mobile operating systems.

What Is an Email Signing Certificate?

An email signing certificate is one type of X.509 digital security certificate installed within email clients like Outlook to provide secure email communication. Likewise, it's also known by other popular names such as S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) certificates, email security certificates, or email encryption certificates. It allows you to digitally sign your email communication while encrypting the email content and attachments using a robust 256-bits encryption standard. Similarly, it also helps authenticate your identity as a sender to the recipient and secures the email data integrity before being transmitted over the internet.

How Does a Comodo Email Certificate Work?

Comodo Email Signing certificate helps you to:

  • Encrypt email messages so only the intended recipient can read the content of an email.
  • Digitally sign your email messages so the recipient of an email can verify that email is coming from you and not any malicious hacker who poses to be you.

Furthermore, an Email Signing certificate uses asymmetric encryption. Likewise, the public key is used for encrypting the email message, which is matched by the recipient's private key to decrypt the message and attachments.

Importance of Email Signing Certificate to Secure Email Communication

Email security certificates help sign emails so the receiver can ensure that their email is coming from a legitimate entity and it hasn't been tampered with while being in transition. Likewise, the emails signed with an Email Signing certificate are encrypted using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), so it can be read by the intended recipient and doesn't get any unauthorized access.

Comodo Email Certificate Benefits

Some of the benefits you get by signing your email using an Email Signing certificate are like:

Encryption For Emails

Reduces Phishing Email Scams

Phishing emails are intended for scamming users and tricking them into providing sensitive information about themselves. Likewise, phishing emails are quite common these days. Therefore, an Email Signing certificate can prove helpful by masking the sender's email using an authenticated identity to protect from scams.

Email Encryption Certificate

Encrypts Email

Whenever an email is sent, it goes through different ports before it arrives in your mailbox. Henceforth, chances are higher that email may get tampered with in between. Therefore, Email Signing certificates are used to encrypt an email, so it can stay in an unreadable format and get decrypted once it arrives on the destined recipient's mailbox.

Verifies Sender of an Email

Verifies Sender of an Email

Comodo Email Signing certificate digitally signs your emails and attaches a unique ID for that email. And, once the recipient receives an email, it's verified it's coming from an authenticated sender of an email.

Gain User Trust With SSL

Enhances Reputation

The spamming of emails often results in leaks of confidential information, which leads to big losses for companies. Henceforth, securing your organization's emails using Email Signing certificates provided by respected certificate authorities like Comodo helps secure such confidential information, which secures and enhances the company's reputation.


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