AlphaSSL Wildcard Vs Certera DV Wildcard – Which is the Best DV Wildcard?

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alphaSSL wildcard vs certera wildcard

Comparing DV SSL Wildcard: AlphaSSL Wildcard and Certera Wildcard SSL

Safeguarding your website with an SSL certificate is no longer an option but a necessity for all websites. It is so because of the increasing fraudulent activities and cybercrimes that disrupt the trustworthiness of all websites. Especially when you own multiple domains, the risks get doubled.

Hence, you are bound to purchase a security certificate to ensure complete security for your users.

Now the question comes, will you need multiple SSL certificates if you own multiple domains? The answer is NO. Certification Authorities (CA) provide a unique SSL certificate known as the DV Wildcard Certificate that lets you secure multiple domains using a single certificate.

The two most popular options for this category are AlphaSSL Wildcard and Cetera DV Wildcard.

So in this blog, we will learn about the differences between these two best DV SSL certificates and help you find your ideal selection. Let us start!

Certera Wildcard SSL Certificate

What is a Wildcard DV SSL Certificate?

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate is a standard wildcard certificate issued by the Certificate Authority that lets you encrypt both the primary domain and its subdomains.  Generally, SSL certificates only offer security to the primary domain and leave the subdomain exposed to attacks.

However, with this Wildcard DV SSL option, the website gets complete security and prevention from all types of cyber attacks. DV Wildcard SSL certificate can be obtained in less than 5 minutes by simply providing the domain name and a valid email address, as it only requires domain authentication.

These certificates are cost-efficient and versatile, making them ideal for business websites, eCommerce websites, and other corporations that frequently use their subdomains to deliver content and information.

How Does Wildcard DV SSL Certificate Work?

The functioning of Wildcard DV SSL certificates is quite similar to that of regular SSL certificates. A set of keys (private and public) are used to encrypt the data that needs to be transmitted from one location to another.

The public key is stored in the digital certificate, whereas the private key is stored on the server. These keys are leveraged to encrypt and decrypt the transmitted data so that no external attack can be made.

The only difference between a regular and Wildcard SSL certificate is the capability to copy the private key to as many servers as it is needed to host a domain and its subdomains.

For instance, let us say you are an entrepreneur who purchased a domain connecting multiple subdomains. The websites that you will secure would look like this:


To secure all these domains, you can either use a DV SSL Wildcard certificate or a multi-domain SSL certificate. Though multi-domain certificates are less expensive, they cover only a limited number of domains. In contrast, the DV SSL Wildcard is more effective as it can add an unlimited number of subdomains that benefit the organization in the long run.

When to Use Wildcard SSL DV?

The DV SSL Wildcard can be used for the following scenarios:

  1. If you plan to scale your business and add more subdomains to your primary domain.
  2. If you are a web developer who frequently uses subdomains for testing environments.
  3. If you require a single top-level domain for your business needs.

What are the Benefits of Wildcard DV SSL Certificate?

A DV Wildcard Certificate offers excellent benefits, such as

1. Flexible IP Hosting

Wildcard SSL can be used with both dedicated and shared IP hosting. Hence, you do not need to buy separate certificates for separate domains. Only a single wildcard certificate is sufficient, which is more economical in the long run.

2. SHA-2 Algorithm Support

Biggest tech giants like Google, Microsoft, etc., leverage the SHA-2 algorithm that helps to secure their data and network. Wildcard SSL also offers the support of the same algorithm.

3. Unlimited Server Licensing

A single Wildcard SSL certificate can be used for licensing unlimited servers, which makes it one of the best features and advantages.

4. Instant Issuance

The Wildcard SSL certificate can be purchased simply by authenticating the domain, which does not take more than 5 minutes.

5. Easy Installation

The Wildcard SSL certificate has a straightforward installation process in which you need to install the certificate on your primary domain once. The same SSL can then be used with other subdomains.

AlphaSSL Wildcard Vs Certera DV Wildcard: Which One is the Best?

Now that you have a better idea of the DV SSL Wildcard, let us jump down to our fundamental question: Which is better – AlphaSSL Wildcard Or Certera DV Wildcard?

AlphaSSL Wildcard

AlphaSSL is one of the leading security certificate providers offering industry-standard security and encryption features. They have a completely automated validation system that fastens the process, and users get their certificates almost immediately once applied.

Certera DV Wildcard

Certera is another prominent option for purchasing your DV SSL Wildcard certificate. It offers secure and reliable SSL certificates for all kinds of websites.

The Wildcard SSL certificate offered by Certera uses a robust 256-bit SSL encryption standard to secure the domain and its subdomains. The highlight of Cetera DV Wildcard is that it is available at a much lower price and has all the features that other brands offer.

Winner: Certera DV Wildcard

Though both AlphaSSL DV Wildcard and Certera DV Wildcard offer almost the same features, Certera DV Wildcard certificate seems to provide more value for money than AlphaSSL.

Besides, Certera offers great 24/7 customer support in case you come up with issues with the certificate. So our pick would definitely be Certera over AlphaSSL, as it provides the same features at a better price.

Where to Find the Best Wildcard SSL Certificate DV?

Many websites are available online that offer DV SSL Wildcard Certificates. However, if you want a fast, authentic, and highly secure provider, you should go for CheapSSLWeb. It is one of the best and leading certificate providers that offer DV SSL Wildcard certificates at a cost-effective price.

Above that, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the working of the certificate. Overall, CheapSSLs Certera DV Wildcard is the best option available online.


Conclusion of AlphaSSL Wildcard Vs Certera DV Wildcard

It is pretty evident that purchasing a DV Wildcard certificate is a great way to secure your domains. Therefore, you should first enlist your requirements and then decide which certificate you require. We have recommended you the best DV Wildcard certificate available online. In case you wish to explore other options, you can visit our store

Certera SSL

Certera SSL Wildcard – Starts at $19.99

Buy or renew Certera SSL Wildcard from the most trusted Certificate Authorities. Protect all subdomains with Wildcard SSL on multiple servers.

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