How to Secure Multiple Levels of Subdomains with Wildcard Certificates?

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Secure Multiple Level of Subdomains with Wildcard

Explaining the Working of Wildcard Certificate For Multiple Level Subdomains

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are the trust badges of the digital world, keeping sensitive information safe and secure as it travels from a user’s browser to a website’s server. There are different types of SSL certificates, including Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), single-domain, multi-domain SSL, and wildcard SSL certificates for multiple level subdomains, each offering varying levels of validation and protection. How these certificates work is by encrypting sensitive information, such as personal and financial data, as it is transmitted over the internet, ensuring the privacy and security of all parties involved.

From DV SSL certificates that offer basic encryption to OV certificates that provide extra layers of security to wildcard SSL certificates for multiple level subdomains that can secure an unlimited number of subdomains with just one certificate, SSL certificates are the foundation of online security. With the power to encrypt sensitive information, establish trust, and improve search engine rankings, SSL certificates are a must-have for any business looking to succeed in the digital age.

What is the Multiple Level of Subdomains?

Subdomains are just an extension of a website’s primary domain that separate distinct functions of a website. Think of the brain to be the primary domain of a website and other body organs as its subdomain. Just like protecting the brain, it is also important to protect other body organs. Similarly, it’s important to keep these subdomains secure, so imagine putting a digital lock on each one. That’s where SSL certificates come in. They act like the key to the lock, encrypting all the information transmitted between your website and your user’s web browser, making it unreadable to any unauthorized snoops.

Here is the list of example of Multiple Level of Subdomains


But what if you have more than one subdomain? Do you really want to go through the hassle of putting a lock and key on each one? That’s where wildcard certificates for multiple level subdomains come into play. They act as a master key that can open an unlimited number of locks (subdomains) within your website’s domain. With just one wildcard certificate, you can secure all of your subdomains with ease.

How to Secure Multiple Levels of Subdomains with Wildcard Certificates?

For securing multiple levels of subdomains, you can follow these steps:

Step-1: Choose a CA (Certificate Authority) that offers wildcard certificates. You can go for Sectigo or Comodo.

Step-2: Decide on the level of validation you need. It can be DV or OV.

Step-3: Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and submit it to the CA along with the necessary validation documents.

Step-4: After successful validation, the CA will issue the wildcard certificate for multiple level subdomains, which you’ll then need to install on your server.

Step-5: Finally, configure your server to use the wildcard certificate for all subdomains.

With a Wildcard certificate, you can rest assured that all of your subdomains are protected, giving you peace of mind and the confidence to focus on growing your online presence.

Best Wildcard SSL Certificates from Authorized CAs

A wildcard certificate from an authorized CA is the best option for securing multiple subdomains under one roof. It provides a cost-effective and efficient way to secure unlimited subdomains with a single certificate, saving you time and effort in managing multiple certificates. Moreover, a trusted CA ensures the highest level of encryption and security for your subdomains, giving your users a safe and secure browsing experience. Some of the best Wildcard Certificates are:

Concluding Words

A wildcard certificate for multiple level subdomains is the ultimate solution for securing all your subdomains with ease. It not just offers unlimited protection with just one certificate but also saves you both time and money. Trust us; your users will thank you for the extra security and assurance you’ll be offering them with a secure and encrypted browsing experience. So get ready to say goodbye to certificate management headaches!

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