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Sign your Emails and Documents using Email Signing (S/MIME) Certificates and Show Your Authenticity by Unique Digital Signature

Email Signing Certificate is also known as S/MIME certificate or personal authentication certificate. It is the feasible way to prove the authenticity of your company's essential email communications and documents and assures emails containing attachments are secure along with email messages. Provided with unbeatable encryption strength, it lets you digitally sign your email messages and various office digital documents with your unique digital signature and prove your message is authentic and original.

SMIME (Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) or email signing certificate is one type of digital security certificate offered by reputed certificate authorities that lets you digitally sign and encrypt the email message using the SHA 256-bits encryption standard. It ensures the sent email is received in its original form, and the recipient will be able to verify your authenticity by checking your attached digital signature.

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What Is an Email Signing Certificate?

Nowadays, the company heavily relies on email communications, where they often send sensitive information regarding their company that need not be shared with anyone. Henceforth, encrypting your email messages has become essential to web security practices.

Once anyone signs their email message using Email Signing Certificate, it enforces end-to-end encryption between a receiver and a sender, like end-to-end encryption found in WhatsApp messaging application. Similarly, it also ensures your email message will remain secure, and no one will be able to retrieve, alter or do any cyberattack like MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) attack, HTTPS proxies, packet sniffers, or any other.

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Allows You to Sign & Secure Digital Documents With Your Unique Digital Signature

It comes with the feature of signing digital documents as well. So you can quickly sign essential office documents. And, like signed email messages, the receiver of the documents will be able to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Digital Documents That You Can Sign

  • MS Office Documents Like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
  • MS Visual Studio
  • Apache OpenOffice

Note : Basic S/MIME Certificate does offer the document signing.

Features of Email Signing Certificate

Authentication of Sender's Indentity

Authentication of Sender's Indentity

Once the email is digitally signed, the recipient can see a small ribbon icon within the email. And once the user clicks on it, it'll show the email sender's name, email address, and original subject, which isn't alterable. And in this way, it ensures and gives authenticity proof of the email sender.

Encrypted Message

Surety of Message Integrity

Once an email is signed, the entire email message and attachments get hashed and encrypted with your digital signature. It means that even if the user sends the same email message multiple times, every hash value will be different for all the emails. Furthermore, even the slightest alteration within an email will be notified to the recipient of an email.

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Best Cyber Shield Against CyberAttacks

The signed email messages get encrypted, which means the plaintext of your email message gets converted into an unreadable format using a robust mathematical function. Furthermore, it uses the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), where a public key is used for encrypting the data, which is an email message & attachments, and the recipient with the private key can only decrypt it.

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Email and Document Signing

Email Signing Certificate adds digital encryption and signature in your email communications and digital attachments. It ensures a solid encryption channel to exchange the data through email communication. (Note: The basic one will not offer the basic document signing. Only SMIME pro and enterprise offers document signing but not supported by Adobe.)

Email Signing Certificate

Benefits of Email Signing Certificate

  • The sender won't be able to deny that they haven't sent the message. It means there's no chance of repudiation.
  • A digital signature secures the recipient of an email from spoofing. Henceforth, it ensures authentic emails of the business are not impersonated.
  • Malicious attackers cannot corrupt the sent email message. It means there's the surety that the email does not contain any malicious links, viruses, ransomware, spyware, rootkit, or malware.
  • If the hashed value differs, the user is notified that the email message isn't in its original form and has been tampered with.
  • It helps keep the company's reputation safe.
  • Secures from eavesdropping that help keep sensitive email communication of the company safe.

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