Validation Process of the SSL Certificate

You're Required to Provide Documents & Follow Steps to Complete SSL Validation Process

For purchasing an SSL certificate, you're required to follow different steps and among them, completing the validation step is the most important. If you don't complete your validation process, it's obvious you won't get your SSL certificate issued.

Now, the type of validation process you'll need to go through depends entirely on the SSL certificate you choose to purchase. For the DV (Domain Validated) SSL certificate, also called Standard SSL certificate, completing the validation process is relatively easy, as you're not required to provide any documents, and it gets issued within minutes. On the other hand, for OV (Organization Validated) and EV (Extended Validated) SSL certificates, you need to provide certain documents that prove the authenticity of your business, and completion of validation also takes time like anywhere between one to five days.

SSL Certificates Are Available in Three Validation Types

SSL certificate offered by CAs (Certificate Authorities) such as Sectigo is offered in three different validation types. Likewise, the requirements of completing validation steps differ from one another, and it's divided into three different validation levels.

Domain Validation

As the name implies, here, all you require to verify is your domain name. It simply provides digital encryption between the web server and the client. Furthermore, all you need is a few minutes to complete the validation process of the DV SSL certificate.

Access DV Validation Guide Click to Purchase DV SSL Certificate

Organization Validation

To complete the organization validation process usually takes anywhere from one to three business days, depending upon how fast you provide all the documents asked by the CAs (Certificate Authorities) such as Sectigo.

Here below are the information asked by the CA to prove your business legitimacy:

  • Validation of domain that proves domain belongs to your organization.
  • Proof of physical presence of your organization.
  • Verification of your publicly available telephone number through a trusted source.
  • Verification of your organization through government-issued documents.
  • Verification calls on your organization's telephone number.
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Extended Validation

An Extended Validation SSL certificate provides the maximum level of trust. Similarly, to complete the validation process for an EV SSL certificate, you must go through rigorous validation steps, which require providing many documents and information to prove your organization's authenticity.

However, it is worth it if your website deals with the user's sensitive information daily. Nonetheless, it takes anywhere from one to five business days to complete the validation process.

Below is the information you need to provide to prove your business authenticity and to get your EV SSL certificate issued:

  • Domain validation to prove domain belongs to the same organization for which EV SSL is purchased.
  • Enrollment form. Here you're required to fill up the information and send it back to the CA.
  • Organization authentication where verification of your business registration is done.
  • Operation existence verification to verify your business is presently running.
  • Physical address to verify your business have a physical office located in the mentioned country.
  • Verification of business telephone number through the trusted telephone directory.
  • The CA's final verification call to verify you're working in the organization for which the EV SSL certificate is purchased.
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DV SSL Certificate to Get Your SSL Certificate Issued Quickly

Often, users are looking for simple encryption for their website, and there's nothing wrong with that. And, for such requirements, DV (Domain Validated) SSL certificate is the best option, as it provides the same thing at a lower price. Moreover, its issuance is made in a few minutes compared to the other two types of OV and EV SSL certificates. In addition, for the DV SSL certificate, you don't have to provide any documents for verification of you and your business.

Importance of SSL Validation & Why You Should Submit Documents

Trust is of utmost necessity for websites, especially those that deal with sensitive information of the user or organization. Likewise, to establish that trust, SSL Validation can provide crucial assistance. For instance, when your company goes through validation, your authenticity is vetted by a globally trusted third party for the security of your customer.

CAs (Certificate Authorities) like Sectigo are equal to web security, and their judgment counts. Once you pass through the Validation process, it gives away the message to popular web browsers, firewalls, and networks that the Sectigo has vouched for your site for its legitimacy.

Henceforth, anyone who visits your website will know that your site is trustworthy and personally vouched by the globally trusted security leader Sectigo.


Asked Questions

Only DV SSL certificate is issued instantly. And, these two OV & EV SSL certificates require you to go through the validation steps where you need to produce certain documents according to CA like Sectigo that are verified against the online government database, and it does take time. For the OV SSL validation process to complete, it takes one to three business days, and for EV SSL validation, it takes one to five business days.

Usually, Sectigo looks for publicly available information for verifying your organization. For instance, it goes through the government database, trusted third-party online registries, regional directories, etc. Sometimes, you may need to provide certain documents in addition to these documents. However, as long you've got the latest organization registration data and records, you wouldn't face any difficulty completing this validation process.

Usually, you've got a Multi-Domain SSL certificate, which means one SSL certificate covers multiple domains of your organization. Furthermore, if you want a separate SSL certificate for the massive number of websites, you can also contact our enterprise business manager to discuss any scalable option.

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