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SSL certificates, also popularly known as TLS certificates, are essential for website security. Whether you're looking for a secure connection, want to avoid a "Not Secure" warning message, or looking to prove the authenticity of your website by getting your identity verified, an SSL certificate helps you achieve all.

Many different certificate authorities are available in the market, and all have a different price tag for the same SSL certificate. Most of the time, the price difference is merely due to the brand tag. Henceforth, which SSL certificate to purchase and from whom to purchase also become a valid question.

Here we've all types of SSL certificates from the two globally known certificate authorities, such as Certera, Comodo, Sectigo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte and DigiCert. They offer various types of SSL certificates like Standard SSL, EV SSL, or OV SSL certificates with all the latest encryption standards, browser compatibility, and latest security features.

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Key Features of SSL Certificates Provided by Trusted CAs

Unlimited Server Licenses

Unlimited Server Licenses

SSL certificate issued by reputed certificate authorities comes with unlimited server licenses. It means a single SSL certificate is enough to secure an unlimited number of servers without spending extra for any additional machine license.

Free SSL Issuance

FREE Reissuance

All certificates come with unlimited free re-issuance. It means you can replace your existing SSL certificate for free as many times you want, and there won't be any processing charge. However, the reissued SSL certificate is valid until its expiry date, which is the original date of the SSL certificate you purchased first.

256 Bit Ssl Encryption

256 – Bits Encryption

All the SSL certificates issued by certificate authority come equipped with robust SHA 256-bit encryption standard that matches the guidelines of CA/B Forum and NIST standards for SSL certificates.

24/7 Premium Support

24/7 Premium Support

All the issued SSL certificate comes with 24/7 premium support from an expert team of SSL certificates. And, if you come across any query or issue regarding SSL certificates related to the validation step, or any other, you can contact, and you'll get the earliest reply.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

In case, if you purchased the wrong SSL certificate and it doesn't fit your requirement, or else you may have other reasons, and you wish to cancel your cert, you can cancel it within first 30 days of purchase. You will get full refund.

SSL Browser Compatibility

99% Browsers and Mobile Compatibility

SSL certificate issued by Sectigo and Comodo comes with more than 99% user ubiquity. It means that all the issued SSL certificates are fully compatible with all the latest browsers and devices, and SSL won't create any compatibility warning to your site visitors.

Browsers & Mobile Compatibility

  • Google ChromeGoogle Chrome
  • OperaOpera
  • SafariSafari
  • Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox
  • IE (Internet Explorer)IE (Internet Explorer)
  • AndroidAndroid
  • Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows
  • BlackberryBlackberry
  • At And TAT&T
  • BrewBrew
  • NokiaNokia
  • Microsoft Windows MobileMicrosoft Windows Mobile
  • Apple iPad, iPhone, SafariApple iPhone, iPad Safari, and many more

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