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Comodo SMIME Certificate is among the X.509 certificate family that helps secure, confidential communication that your employees do over an email. It secures your email messages digitally by signing and encrypting your communication using an Email certificate, which is also referred to as Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME or SMIME) certificates. In addition, it helps ensure the integrity of email messages, so senders and recipients can verify the content shared within an email is trustworthy and legitimate.

The Comodo SMIME certificate provides end-to-end email encryption between you and the person to whom you're sending an email. Compatible with all the major email clients, the SMIME certificate provides a robust email encryption standard for up to 256-bits and digital signing capability by clicking one button for all your outgoing email conversations.

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Unlimited SSL Reissuance Digital Email Encrytion
DV SSL Validation Powerful Email Security
Robust Client Validation Robust Client Validation
256 Bit Ssl Encryption Easy Installation

Comodo SMIME Certificate Features and Benefits

Let's see what the benefits of the Comodo SMIME certificate are and why you should get it for your email communications:

Makes Email Communication Trustworthy

Makes Email Communication Trustworthy

It was easier to identify whether the handwritten letter you got was genuine or not by recognizing handwriting or their writing style in the early days. Similarly, it was proper for an organization's essential documents, such as a bank.

SMIME certificate provides the same facility. For instance, a digital signature through certification means an email message you got is encrypted, and it's coming from the person from whom it should be. Nonetheless, it helps create a sense of trust for email messages you receive or send out.

SSL Forum Compliance

Reduced Compliance Risk & Related Fines

Many businesses and organizations are required to follow the rules and regulations for securing customers' personal information. For instance, HIPAA Privacy Rule is necessary for the health organization to store patients' health-related information securely. Similarly, GDPR is necessary to follow when an organization wants to keep users' personal information. And both include email communications. Therefore, it becomes essential to encrypt and secure your email messages using an SMIME certificate, or else you can get fined substantially.

Security For Phishing Emails

Reduced Phishing Emails

Scammers use phishing emails to scam users and trick them into providing their critical information. Furthermore, phishing emails are commonly received these days. And, to overcome these scam emails, SMIME certificate offered by respected certificate authorities like Comodo proves beneficial as it encrypts email messages that stay in an unreadable format and gets decrypted only when an intended recipient opens it.

Verification of Sender

Verification of Sender

SMIME certificate signs all your email conversations along with the unique ID. Likewise, once an intended party receives your email, it gets verified to know whether it's coming from the trustworthy sender of an email message or not.

Email Signing

Improves Reputation

Spam email messages usually lead to the leak of important information, significantly losing companies. Therefore, keeping email communication secure using security certificates like the Comodo SMIME certificate helps to avoid such spam email-based attacks while increasing your company's reputation.

Complaince W/ DFARS, GDPR, & HIPAA

Complaince W/ DFARS, GDPR, & HIPAA

It's a prerequisite for email senders to have an SMIME certificate to enable the powerful encryption channel for email communications and digital attachments. It provides the global standard compliance with DFARS, GDPR, and HIPPA.

What Is an SMIME Certificate?

SMIME certificate is a type of digital security certificate installed into popular email clients like Outlook that helps secure email conversations. Also called an email encryption certificate or an email security certificate helps digitally sign your email messages and encrypt entire email content and attachments through robust 256-bits encryption standard. Furthermore, it also assists in vetting your identity as a genuine sender to the email recipient while securing email integrity before sending it over the internet.

How Does a Comodo SMIME Certificate Works?

SMIME certificate offered by popular CAs (Certificate Authorities) like Comodo improves your email communication security in three different ways:

Authenticates User

SMIME certificate consists of authenticated email address of a sender, which allows the receiver of an email to confirm the requests of information from an authorized party.

Encrypts the Email Conversation & Attachments

Once you install the SMIME certificate, mail clients such as Outlook can encrypt and decrypt email conversations and attachments. Therefore, it helps prevent malicious software from intercepting your email conversations in transmission and preventing third parties from reading your email.

Message Integrity

Once you sign your email messages using the MIME certificate, then you can stay assured your email message won't get altered. And, unfortunately, if it does, then the receiver of an email will get a notification about the same through their email client.

Platforms Supported by Comodo SMIME Certificate

Here below are some of the popular email clients that the SMIME certificate provided by Comodo supports

  • MS Outlook & Outlook on the Web MS Outlook & Outlook on the Web 
  • MailMate MailMate
  • Apple Mail Apple Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird
  • IBM Notes IBM Notes
  • CipherMail (For Android phones) CipherMail (For Android phones)
  • iPhone iOS Mail iPhone iOS Mail 
  • Gmail Gmail (G Suite for Education as well as G Suite Enterprise) 

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