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Encrypt Sensitive Email Communications of Your Organization & Provide Assurance It's Digitally Signed by Comodo Client Certificate & Safe to Use

Organization email contains sensitive information of the company that can become disastrous if it gets leaked. Henceforth, the security of such email communication becomes of utmost importance. And, one of the quickest ways is by securing your emails using Client certificates offered by certificate authorities like Comodo.

Comodo Client certificate provides you robust security for emails that help prevent any leakage of data or other vital information when the email is in transit. Likewise, it also encrypts your email messages using a robust 256-bit encryption standard, so it remains in unreadable format and can only be decrypted and read by an authorized person.

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Unlimited SSL Reissuance Digital Email Encrytion
DV SSL Validation Powerful Email Security
Robust Client Validation Robust Client Validation
256 Bit Ssl Encryption Easy Installation

Features of Comodo Client Certificate

  • Client certificates are compatible with almost all popular email clients.
  • The unlimited signing of emails till your client certificate expires.
  • Visible checkmark icon that shows emails are genuine and hasn't been tampered with.
  • Visible clue of encryption through blue lock symbol in email clients.
  • Encrypts your plain text email messages and attachments that are sent through an email.
  • Client Side certificate makes use of email repository.
  • Compatible and trusted by email clients such as Thunderbird, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, and more.

What Does a Client Certificate Mean?

A Client certificate, also popularly known as a client authentication certificate and client side certificate, is an X.509 certificate used to sign and encrypt your email communications digitally.

Furthermore, if your organization sends an unsigned email, its security is considered similar to a weak password. Therefore, certificate authority offers client-side certificates like Comodo are used for email security as they provide robust security and verify you as a genuine individual. Likewise, it helps you sign and encrypt the communications you receive and send, ensuring that email in transit is safe and reaches its destined email address in its original form without being altered by a hacker.

How Does a Client Certificate Work?

Installed in the email clients such as Outlook, Client-Side certificate is used for digitally signing and encrypting email communications & all the attachments sent through emails. Furthermore, another significant benefit you get by signing your emails using a client certificate is that it verifies your identity as a sender of an email to the person you're sending an email to. Lastly, it also secures the integrity of an email message before it transmits further over the internet.

Once the email server is configured, it'll provide access to only those users who have the correct client certificate. Furthermore, if the user doesn't have a client certificate, and whenever the user tries to access the server, it'll result in failure.

It uses public and private key pairs like other X.509 certificates. Here, a private key is assigned to a user, and it's also used for digitally signing your outgoing email communications with the user's unique identity. Similarly, the associated public key is used for verifying the signature and encrypted message.

Benefits of Comodo Client Certificate

Some of the commonly seen benefits of signing your emails using client side certificate are:

Prevents Tampering of Emails

Prevents Tampering of Emails

It adds an extra security layer along with multi-factor authentication. So, even if user credentials get in the hands of unauthorized people, they won't be able to use them, and access will be denied.

Large-Scale Deployments

Large-Scale Deployments

Deploying client certificates at scale is now easier than ever with Comodo Certificate Manager. With a revamped interface and ACME protocol support, mass deployment of X.509 PKI certificates is now effortless.

Email Signing

Improved Reputation

Spamming and phishing emails often lead to leaks of the company's confidential information, which also means a loss of trust and conversions for the company. Therefore, installing and signing your email communication using a Client certificate helps secure your confidential information, which also means securing and enhancing your company's reputation.

Email Encryption Certificate

Signing & Encrypting Email

Comodo Client Side certificate helps senders and recipients of an email to verify whether the content of an email message is legit and safe. Also, encryption of an email is done using S/MIME technology, which is among the most trusted email encryption standard.


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