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Quick & Scalable Way to Secure Your Organizations Email Communication Through Enterprise S/MIME Certificate

More than 90% of attacks occur through Phishing attacks, which often lead to data breaches and email compromises that cost billions of dollars every year. Therefore, protecting your email communications and company data should be your utmost priority. And one of the ways to achieve this is by using S/MIME certificates.

However, if you want to secure your entire organization on the scale, then Comodo Enterprise S/MIME certificates designed specifically for organizations that need multiple S/MIME certificates are the best option. Likewise, Comodo makes it easier to implement and manage S/MIME certificates throughout your company.

Comodo Enterprise S/MIME Certificate Provides Complete Security

Authenticates Senders Identity

It gives a sense of security to receivers that email and the attachments are coming from the genuine sender. In addition, the Comodo Enterprise S/MIME certificate uses PKI for providing unique identity verification. For instance, the private key is used to sign your outgoing emails, and the public key verifies your signature and decrypts the incoming email messages.

Guarantees Confidentiality of Email Message

Email communications between enterprises contain sensitive and private information, often on the hacker's radar. Nonetheless, end-to-end encryption of Enterprise S/MIME certificate helps you secure from such situations where hackers can't take advantage of it.

So, even if an attacker steals from the server, your mail messages stay in an unreadable format. Likewise, making the message encrypted using an Enterprise S/MIME certificate makes it immune to packet sniffers, HTTPS proxies, or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Comodo Enterprise S/MIME Certificate to Protect Your Entire Business

Some of the reasons why you should cover your entire business email communication using the Enterprise S/MIME certificate are like:

Thwarts Data Breaches That Costs Fortune

Once the account gets hacked, hackers won't have to spend much time finding important information such as HR data, financial reports, account logins, or other vital information communicated within the organization's email. Henceforth, by installing Enterprise S/MIME certificates, you stay assured that all the sensitive information of your emails will remain safe and secure in an encrypted format. And, even if an attacker's hack into your emails, they won't be able to decrypt the encrypted messages.

Prevents Phishing Attacks

More than 90% of successful hacks start from phishing or other email attacks, as it's scalable and easier for hackers. However, by installing S/MIME, you can show your verified information to the sender. So, you can be sure that your employees will be able to make the difference between genuine company emails and scams.

Maintains Compliance

Besides, security encryption is also needed by different data privacy laws like GDPR and HIPAA. And, having a S/MIME certificate installed is one of the best ways to avoid significant fines. Besides, Comodo makes it easier for you by providing easy-to-deploy Enterprise S/MIME certificates that keep your organization's emails covered all the time, no matter what's sent through emails.

Comodo Enterprise S/MIME Certificate Secures More Than Email Messages

Comodo Enterprise S/MIME certificate is among the versatile email security certificates used for different purposes that help lessen security-related risks.

Accessing WiFi/VPN

Once an attacker gets access to networks, they can do a lot of damages. Henceforth, the Enterprise S/MIME certificate helps to keep them out by controlling the access. Likewise, Comodo certificates aren't something that can be stolen or shared as everyone can do with regular passwords.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Provides a security layer within your login process, ensuring only authorized users access critical information while preventing your company from becoming victims of the breaches.

Sign Documents

Microsoft Office documents like Microsoft Word are used globally for personal business purposes. Similarly, many attacks take place where attackers tamper the file with malicious scripts and contents. Henceforth, it's recommended that you digitally sign your office documents using certificates like Comodo Enterprise S/MIME Certificate that makes your documents tamper-proof while proving your integrity.

Easy Single Click Enterprise S/MIME Certificate Deployment

It comes equipped with a zero-touch feature present in Comodo Certificate Manager that eases the deployment process of your S/MIME certificate throughout the enterprise for all the users and devices connected with it. Likewise, it provides your organization the rights to:

  • Deploy both private and public S/MIME certificates through a single platform.
  • Easy to install and manage Enterprise S/MIME certificate throughout your company and integrate an Active Directory and an invisible single-click process.
  • Compatible with popular enterprise email systems like Microsoft Exchange & Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Mail.
  • Configures your gateway for scanning encrypted email traffic to prevent malware or other email-related threats.
  • Decrypts archived and older emails by transferring the encryption key history to all the compatible email clients.
  • Recovers destroyed or lost keys with the help of Comodo's escrow and encryption key history feature.

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