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Digital Security Certificate by Trusted CA Certera for Securing Websites

A certificate authority like Certera is a cheaper and more trustworthy option for digital security certificates like SSL certificates. Whether you want to show yourself as a trusted source, authenticate yourself, or want to prevent warning messages thrown by browsers, an SSL certificate is needed. Likewise, SSL certificates are also the foundation of website security.

Certera is the trusted certificate authority that's focused on providing security for websites using all the latest security standards and guidelines of CA/B Forum while keeping reasonable pricing, making it a better option for all shapes and sizes of websites.

Furthermore, every customer and company has different needs, and their requirements also differ. Henceforth, if you're looking for basic SSL security, below are some of the different types of digital security certificates of trusted certificate authority Certera that you can choose from.

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Certera SSL Certificate

Certera SSL certificate is the standard SSL certificate offered for someone who wants basic SSL security like a secure padlock and HTTPS URLs for one FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain). Therefore, if you're among someone looking for SSL security to secure your one website that you have, and it doesn't deal with user information, then you're recommended to go with a Certera SSL certificate.

Certera SSL Wildcard Certificate

Certera SSL Wildcard Certificate

Certera SSL Wildcard certificate is the domain validated SSL certificate for securing a website with associated sub-domains. So those who want a basic SSL solution for the websites and sub-domains without going into business verification, then Wildcard SSL is a good option to choose.

Certera Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Providing basic SSL security individually on multiple websites becomes costly. Therefore, Multi Domain SSL is a good option for those who want basic SSL security, such as preventing "Not Secure" warnings without buying multiple SSL certificates. Likewise, a Certera Multi Domain SSL certificate is also helpful to reduce repetitive workload like CSR generation for each website.

Certera Multi Domain SSL Certificate
Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Certera Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Certera Multi Domain Wildcard SSL certificate makes it inexpensive and easier to secure multiple websites and associates sub-domains. It offers users a feature to secure multiple websites and sub-domains with basic SSL security like HTTPS URLs and secure padlock while preventing repetitive tasks of managing CSR and renewal dates for each site and associated sub-domains.

Benefits of Certera SSL Certificate

256 Bit Ssl Encryption

Robust Encryption

Certera SSL certificates offer the latest encryption standard that matches all the CA/B forum guidelines. In addition, it provides robust SHA-256-bit encryption that helps build a secure encrypted tunnel between browser and server to transmit information.

Security Indicators

Security Indicators

Certera SSL certificate offers security indicators like secure HTTPS URLs and secure padlock. It lets users know that website is safe to visit and it's verified by a third-party certificate authority company, which is recognized by major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Easy Authentication

Easy Authentication

Being the sole provider of the DV (Domain Validated) SSL certificate, it provides you easy to complete authentication where you're only required to click one link sent by the CA (Certificate Authority) Certera that verifies your domain ownership. Likewise, your SSL certificate is issued within minutes once the domain is verified.

Browser Ubiquity

Browser Ubiquity

Certera SSL offers more than 99% browser ubiquity. In other words, Certera SSL certificates are recognized by all the globally known browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. As a result, your site visitors will get a smooth experience and will not face any SSL compatibility issues.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

After getting your SSL certificate issued, you can cancel if you don't want to keep it. And, if you cancelled your issued SSL certificate within 30 days of purchase, you'll get a 100% refund from the CA (Certificate Authority) Certera.

SSL Warranty


Suppose your website gets attacked by cybercriminals due to any mistake made by Certera during issuance or installation. In that case, you may get a certain amount of money according to the certificate you purchased as compensation.

One Certera SSL for All Major Web Browsers and Platforms

  • Google ChromeGoogle Chrome
  • OperaOpera
  • SafariSafari
  • Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox
  • Apple iPad, iPhone, SafariApple iPad, iPhone, Safari
  • AndroidAndroid
  • Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows
  • BlackberryBlackberry
  • At And TAT&T
  • BrewBrew
  • NokiaNokia
  • Microsoft Windows MobileMicrosoft Windows Mobile

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