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Comodo Personal Authentication for Faster & Easier Way to Secure Email & Documents and Verify Users

Comodo Personal Authentication certificate is an affordable and quick way to secure your business documents and communications. It allows you to sign important documents and email communications digitally, provides secure two-factor authentication for securing documents sent throughout the network, and verifies to provide assurance they've permission to gain online server access. In addition, it provides encryption for documents and emails so only permitted people can have access to it. It also secures email, letting the receiver know that the email is coming from the expected person.

Equipped with identity verification and a robust 2048-bit RSA signature key, the Comodo Personal Authentication certificate is trusted by Servers, Mobile Devices, Operating Systems, and other platforms, making it one of the quick email and document security solutions.

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Digital Signed Email Communications Digital Email Encrytion
Personal Authentication Security Certificate Powerful Email Security
Email Certificate Validation Robust Client Validation
256 Bit Ssl Encryption Easy Installation

Specifications of Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate

  • Provides security for your organization's email communications.
  • Digitally sign your important office documents.
  • Digital Signature.
  • Two-Factor authentication for better security.
  • Multi-level validations.
  • Offers compatibility with mail gateway applications and exchange servers.
  • Quick and easy validation process.
  • Digital signature works as the user's identity for ownership of the content of the messages, which helps in authenticity and email security.
  • Supports different platforms like VBA Macros, MS Office, Open Office.

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate for Email Security

It helps to remove exposure or leak of email communications, which can do massive damage to the organization's privacy. Personal Authentication certificate provided by certificate authority like Comodo comes with robust encryption that helps provide the required security for email communications. It offers end-to-end 256-bit encryption to both receiver and sender of the email, making it impossible for unauthorized third parties to get in between.

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate for Signing Documents

Allows you to sign important documents of Open Office Suite, MS Office, and Visual Studio platforms, which helps users verify your document ownership while assuring that it hasn't been tampered with since its signing. Likewise, it also helps you transfer from ink, paper-based workflows to document sign-offs, offer sheets, archiving, and internal request forms.

Compatible With Different Platforms

It's compatible with major email clients and mobile devices. Some of them are:

  • Server OS – Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000, UNIX, Linux, Novell, Solaris.
  • Client OS – Linux Client OS, Windows XP, 7, Vista, 2000, Mac OSX, Snow Leopard.
  • Web Servers – Cobalt, Weblogic, Apache, IBM HTTP, Tomcat, Microsoft IIS 7 & IIS 6.
  • Email Servers – Microsoft Outlook 99+, Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0+, Microsoft Entourage (OS/X), Qualcomm Eudora 6.2+, Netscape Communicator 4.51+, Lotus Notes (6+) and more.

Benefits of Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate

Digitally Signed Documents

Digital Signed Email Communications

It digitally signs all your emails. Likewise, once it reaches the intended recipient, the digital signature will help the receiver verify the sender's identity and whether the email message is original or altered.

256 Bit Ssl Encryption

Strong Encryption for Email Messages

A personal authentication certificate offers you strong end-to-encryption for every single email you send. Protected by a robust 256-bit encryption standard, it ensures your email won't be altered or read by any unauthorized person.

Digitally Signed Documents

Digitally Signed Documents

Similar to email messages, the Comodo Personal Authentication certificate also signs documents. It allows you to read the document to authenticate the identity of the document owner. Likewise, it also confirms document is original and hasn't been altered with.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Once you install the certificate on your computer, the login page will ask for it whenever you try logging into the account. Likewise, it occurs behind the scenes so that user experience won't get affected.

SSL Trust Indicators

Trust & Assurance

In online business, trust is the utmost factor. If the customer can't trust you, they won't be bothered to do any business, and you'll run into losses. Nonetheless, it helps build trust by ensuring the integrity of mail and documents while assuring the sender's identity as a genuine person.

Email Certificate Compatibility


Comodo Personal Authentication certificate provides compatibility with all the popular web browsers, email servers, web servers, operating systems, and Microsoft office products. Likewise, it doesn't show any issues during installation, and it allows you to sign documents and emails, which proves your identity is genuine.


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