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Here's How We Deal With Your Information You Provide at the Time of SSL Purchase

Data Privacy is essential nowadays, and it's even good. Everyone has the right to know what personal data is collected, how it's used, and how much control you've over it as a customer. Similarly, local data privacy law and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been implemented for the same reason. So regardless of whether you're from the EU's jurisdiction or not, you have the right to know about the data you submit at the time of purchasing anything online.

CheapSSLWeb is among the leading SSL certificate providers of renowned brands Comodo and Sectigo, domestically and internationally. Here, we gather different information for different reasons for providing and improving CheapSSLWeb services to you.

What Personal Data CheapSSLWeb Collect?

When you purchase an SSL certificate from our website, we may need you to provide certain personally identifiable information about you. So, we can further to contact or identify you. Likewise, some of the personally identifiable information that we collect but is not limited to are:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Complete Address with State, Province, Zip Code, City & Country Name
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • VAT/REG/TAX number of your Company
  • Transaction ID (it's not Credit Card information)
  • Usage Data & Cookies

The collected information may include your first and last name, email address, telephone number, IP address, service you selected, and other information for identifying you.

At the Time of Purchasing SSL Certificate or Service From CheapSSLWeb

We, CheapSSLWeb, authorized provider of SSL certificate from globally known CA (Certificate Authority) Sectigo and Comodo, require you to submit your contact information, business name, address, telephone number, email address, domain name to the CA (Certificate Authority).

Furthermore, only CA (Certificate Authority) has the right to process and complete the validation process and issue your purchased SSL certificate. And, once CA completes their process, CheapSSLWeb gets the permission to issue your SSL certificate to an applicant.

All the collected information about you and your business is passed using a secure HTTPS connection by encrypting into CA's official API. And, the information is only accessible by those who have special access rights.

Once You Order Your SSL Certificate

Once you order your SSL certificate, you'll need to provide certain information depending upon the type of SSL certificate you purchased, such as DV (Domain Validated), OV (Organization Validated), or EV (Extended Validated). Likewise, all the given information is submitted and stored on our secure server. And once your order is confirmed, some personal details about your business need to be submitted for adding an SSL configuration process, which is further passed to the CA (Certificate Authority). Likewise, no one has access to your personal information except the CA of whose SSL certificate you've purchased. You also have the choice of what to do with your information.

However, if you don't provide needed information when purchasing an SSL certificate or SSL-related service. In that case, the failure to complete the SSL vetting process can become the reason why your SSL certificate couldn't be issued.

What CheapSSLWeb Do With Your Collected Information?

Keeping your collected information secure is of utmost importance for CheapSSLWeb because of our ethics and guidance of GDPR. Likewise, we collect your information for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • For personalizing your experience in using our website smoothly
  • For improving our website for you as well as other site visitors
  • For improving and making transaction process smooth
  • For improving efforts of our customer service
  • For sending essential email reminders such as SSL certificate renewal email reminders regularly
  • To improve our marketing efforts

What CheapSSLWeb Do With Your Collected Information?

The security of collected information is essential for CheapSSLWeb. Similarly, in regards to GDPR, we use the most secured server. Furthermore, all your personal or financial information is transmitted using robust SSL technology and an encryption standard with our authorized payment gateway, which is accessed only by those who have special rights to access and operate the system. Also, according to law, it's mandatory for us to keep all your information confidential and secure.

CheapSSLWeb Is an Authorized SSL Provider on Behalf of CAs (Certificate Authorities)

CheapSSLWeb is an authorized SSL certificate provider of globally respected CA (Certificate Authority) Sectigo and Comodo. Here we use authorized services of the CA for processing and issuing SSL certificates. Similarly, we request you to pass on your personal information and order details to our trusted service providers, Sectigo and Comodo.

How CheapSSLWeb Protects Your Collected Information?

We implement various security measures for maintaining a safe environment for your personal information whenever you place your order or provide any information to us.

We believe in extending the data rights of GDPR to our customers. So, as a customer, you've full rights to modify or delete any of your personal data that we collect at the CheapSSLWeb to process your order.

Likewise, suppose you remove or modify any of your data or information, and you cannot access your information. In that case, it's recommended that you contact our security officer at [email protected] and, we will resolve the issue within 72 hrs.

In addition, we secure collected information using the secure server. All your sensitive information supplied to us, like credit card details, is transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. Further, it's encrypted and saved into the database of our Payment gateway, which is accessible by their authorized people. Likewise, once your SSL certificate is issued and the transaction completes, your critical information, such as credit card details, is removed from our servers.

Information & Data Disclosure

We disclose your collected information under certain situations if required by the law or in response to validating requests by public authorities such as government agencies.

Here below are some of our reasons why we may disclose your personal information:

  • For complying with a legal obligation
  • For protecting any legal liability
  • For preventing wrongdoing by using our services
  • For protecting the personal safety of the public or user

Any Additional Rights for Customers

If you're a European citizen, then you may get additional rights according to laws, which includes:

Right for Erasing Data

After informing the authorized department, the user has the exclusive right to erase their personal information from our website. However, we may keep some information to keep a record, complete your transaction, or comply with legal obligations and other essential processes.

Right for Objecting Data Process

Users have the complete right to request us to stop any process regarding your data or send any marketing communications.

Right to Restrict Process

The user has the complete right to request restrictions on any personal information under some situations. For instance, if you believe your data is inaccurate or held unlawfully.

Right to Data Transferability

Users have the complete right to provide their personal information in a commonly used format that can be identified with a machine. Likewise, users have the complete right to request us to transfer their personal information to another data controller.

In addition, all you require to do is contact us at [email protected] if you want to request any of the rights mentioned above. Likewise, we'll consider your request with applicable laws. And we may verify your identity for security reasons before executing any of the received requests.

Does CheapSSLWeb Uses Cookies?

Yes, CheapSSLWeb uses cookies and other similar tracking technology to track the user's activity on our website and even hold some information.

We use cookies to help us know and process items you selected and submitted into the shopping cart and any saved preference for future visits. Likewise, you've got the right to instruct your browser whether to accept or avoid all cookies. And, if you don't accept cookies, you might not be able to use certain portions of our website services.

Does CheapSSLWeb Disclose Collected Information to Third Parties?

No, CheapSSLWeb does not trade, sell, or do any other activities with the user's collected information. However, it doesn't include third parties, which helps us keep our website running, keep business flowing, or provide you better-enhanced services if those service providers agree to keep your information confidential. Furthermore, we may even release your information to comply with the law or to keep our or other users' rights safe.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Yes, CheapSSLWeb follows all the requirements of the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We don't collect any information about someone who's under 13 years. Similarly, our website products and services are for those aged at least 13 or above.

Any Change to Privacy Policy of CheapSSLWeb

CheapSSLWeb has the absolute right to update its privacy policy. However, you'll be notified of any change that occurs on this privacy policy page if we do.

Have Any Questions?

If you still have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us and drop us an email at [email protected]. And we'll respond as early as possible.

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