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Authenticate Publisher Identity by Digitally Signing Your Software and Executables Using Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

The Sectigo Code Signing certificate is the trusted code signing certificate developers use in today's software development market. It offers a vital security standard that helps prevent warning messages such as "Unknown Publisher," which often becomes a reason why users avoid downloading or installing your software.

Provided by the globally respected CA Sectigo, the Sectigo Code Signing certificate helps assure users your software is from a trustworthy developer and hasn't been malfunctioned since its signing. Also, it proves valuable for advertising your software on third-party websites of affiliates or resellers, as it helps gain user trust and confidence.

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OV SSL Validation Digital Signature
Unlimited SSL Reissuance Unlimited App Signing
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Sectigo Code Signing Certificate Comparison

Subscription Certera logo Comodo Code Signing Starts @ Buy Now Comodo Comodo EV Code Signing Starts @ Buy Now sectigo Sectigo Code Signing Starts @ Buy Now sectigo Sectigo EV Code Signing Starts @ Buy Now
Options for Multiple Years Max 3 years Max 3 years Max 3 years Max 3 years
Issuance Time 4-8 Business Days 4-8 Business Days 4-8 Business Days 4-8 Business Days
Encryption Strength SHA – 2, Up to 256-bits SHA – 2, Up to 256-bits SHA – 2, Up to 256-bits SHA – 2, Up to 256-bits
CSR/RSA Key Length 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit
Device Ubiquity More than 99% More than 99% More than 99% More than 99%
Validation Type Standard Validation Extended Validation Standard Validation Extended Validation
Validation Methods Phone Call & Basic Business Validation Phone Call & Business Validation Phone Call & Basic Business Validation Phone Call & Business Validation
Instant Reputation w/ MS Smartscreen Filter No Yes No Yes
Delivery Modes USB token USB token USB token USB token
Time Stamp N/A N/A N/A N/A
Malware Scan N/A N/A N/A N/A
Free Vulnerability Check N/A N/A N/A N/A
Technical Support N/A N/A N/A N/A
Warranty N/A N/A N/A N/A
Refund Policy Within First 30 – Days Within First 30 – Days Within First 30 – Days Within First 30 – Days
Visible Trust Indicator Digital Signature Digital Signature with Company Name Digital Signature Digital Signature with Company Name
Java Signing N/A N/A N/A N/A
Microsoft Authenticode Signing N/A N/A N/A N/A
MS Office Document Signing N/A N/A N/A N/A
Windows Vista x64 kernel-mode signing N/A N/A N/A N/A
Adobe Air Signing N/A N/A N/A N/A
Microsoft Office VBA signing N/A N/A N/A N/A

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate Features & Benefits

No More Unknown Publisher Warning

No More Unknown Publisher Warning

Sectigo Code Signing certificate lets you digitally code sign your software while embedding signature on the software. And in return, it removes pesky warning messages like Unknown Publisher immediately. Also, it gives a sense of assurance to software users that the software they're downloading or installing is from the legit software developer and it's safe to use.

Easy Code Signing of Your Software

Easy Code Signing of Your Software

Code Signing certificates aren't that hard to use. For instance, if you're purchasing for the first time, you'll be able to code sign software or an application by easy-to-follow steps.

Easy Integration With New Technologies & Devices

Easy Integration With New Technologies & Devices

Latest operating systems like macOS, iOS, or Windows follow their own policies. Therefore, such policies restrict software from being downloaded or installed by the user until it's not code signed by a code signing certificate offered by the known certificate authority like Sectigo.

Code Signing Timestamping

Free Timestamping

Sectigo Code Signing certificate is issued with the free timestamping feature that allows you to keep your digital signature valid even after the code signing certificate expires. Henceforth, once you timestamp your digital signature, you won't have to worry about whether the user will face any warning messages or any other problem once the code signing certificate expires.

SSL Support For Multiple Files

Supports Multiple File Formats

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate supports multiple file formats like .ocx, .cab, .exe, .dll, and kernel-mode software, along with both 32-bit and 64-bit file formats.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Assurance

All code signing certificates come with money-back assurance if canceled within the first thirty days of the purchase. Henceforth, if you cancel your issued Sectigo Code Signing certificate within the first thirty days, you'll get a guaranteed 100% refund.

Supports Multiple Platforms

Supports Multiple Platforms

Sectigo Code Signing certificate lets you sign file formats of different platforms. For instance, you can code sign applications, scripts, and software developed using different types of platforms like Mozilla Object Files, Microsoft Windows 7 and above, Visual Basic for Applications, and Java applets & applications.



Digital signature that embeds onto your application/software allows users to check the authenticity of the signed software, application, or code by showing the author's name. In addition, the signature also has the contact detail of the software publisher, so the user can also contact if any problem arises.

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate Delivery Methods

Beginning June 1st, 2023, it is necessary to comply with the new guidelines established by the Certificate Authority/Browser Forum for the issuance of Code Signing Certificates. These guidelines require the use of secure hardware storage devices, such as Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), Hardware storage tokens, or Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs), that meet the highest security standards like FIPS 140 Level 2, Common Criteria EAL 4+, or their equivalents, for generating, storing, and utilizing private keys.

To comply with the updated guidelines set by the Certificate Authority/Browser Forum, it is recommended to utilize USB Token for storing cryptographic keys. You can use our flexible and dependable solutions for secure key storage. These solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows and offer peace of mind while maintaining efficiency.

Delivery Method 1: Get a USB Token Delivered to Your Door

We provide convenient shipping choices for both local and global locations, ensuring that the USB token reaches your doorstep with ease. Our pricing options are varied, allowing you to select the most suitable one based on your specific needs.

Token + US Delivery: For a cost-effective fee of $80.00, have the USB token securely shipped to any location within the United States.

Token + International Delivery: Developers located outside the United States can take advantage of international delivery for $110.00.

Token + Expedited US Delivery: If you require the USB token urgently within the United States, opt for expedited delivery at $120.00 to receive it promptly. Minimize potential delays and seamlessly integrate the USB token into your workflow.

Delivery Method 2: Utilize Your Own Hardware Security Module

If you already possess a certified Hardware Security Module (HSM) or USB token, leverage its capabilities for secure key storage. Ensure that your device meets the stringent security standards of at least FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or Common Criteria EAL 4+ to ensure optimal protection.

Delivery Method 3: Keep Your Private Key Safe in the Cloud

You can simplify your code signing processes using the cloud-based key storage solution without compromising security. Take advantage of the secure cloud environment equipped with Hardware Security Module (HSM) capabilities and centralize your private key storage, making it easily accessible for your distributed development teams.

What is FIPS 140-2 Hardware Token?

FIPS 140-2 is a Federal standard in the US and Canada. This standard acts as an essential safety precaution and a trustworthy best practice for corporations pursuing solid security solutions. FIPS 140-2 has four security stages, ranging from level 1, indicating the lowest degree of security, to level 4, indicating the most advanced form of protection possible.

As CA/B forum introduced new regulation for standard code signing certificates, subscriber or user should use FIPS 140-2 (or higher level) compliance hardware token to generate and store CSR, and private keys. There are multiple options for users such as they can acquire FIPS 140-2 token directly from Certificate Authority by paying extra amount along with the certificate cost, or you can use your own hardware token.

A FIPS 140-2 hardware token is a tiny electronic gadget that stores and shields confidential data such as CSR, intermediate certificate, private keys. These tokens are intended to fulfill the security criteria stated in FIPS 140-2 and are frequently used in conjunction with code signing certificates to certify the reliability of software and that it has not been modified since its release.

What is HSM (Hardware Security Module in Code Signing)?

A Hardware Security Module, or HSM, is a sophisticated physical hardware device that assures the safe completion of data encryption procedures. It handles various functions such as managing cryptographic private keys, encrypting and managing their lifecycle, generating and validating digital signatures, certificate signing request (CSR), etc. Personal Computer Security Modules (PCSMs), Secure Application Modules (SAMs), and hardware cryptographic modules are other names for HSMs.

HSM devices come in a broad range of types, ranging from USB sticks and plug-in cards to massive external devices. Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are incredibly secure since they have a hardened operating system and limited network access regulated by a firewall. HSMs are frequently used to:

  • Outperform existing and upcoming regulations regarding cybersecurity.
  • Acquire higher degrees of data assurance and confidence.
  • Maintain high standards of service and agility in business.

Why do you need HSM (Hardware Security Module) for your Code Signing?

Hardware Security Module (HSMs) are crucial for code signing certificates because they keep the private keys that is needed to sign the software extremely safe. An essential step in the code signing process is the private key. It might be used to sign malicious software and lead to various issues if it falls into the wrong hands. By keeping the private key on a tamper-proof device entirely independent of the signing server, HSMs help prevent this. In this manner, the private key is kept safe and secure even if the signing server is compromised.

The technique of code signing is also greatly facilitated by HSMs. The signature server may concentrate on other critical activities, such as overseeing the code signing method and confirming the rightfulness of the program being signed, by letting the HSM handle all the cryptography. This can significantly enhance system performance as a whole and lower the possibility of mistakes or delays during code signing.

By employing HSMs for code signing certificates will assist in guaranteeing that your company complies with all data security laws and policies. HSMs are generally hardware components that have undergone validation and meet industry requirements.

Here's How Sectigo Code Signing Certificate Works

Sectigo Code Signing certificate comes equipped with the latest PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology. It makes users go through a business authentication process before issuing a certificate for signing code, scripts, drivers, software, and applications.
Let's find out how a code signing certificate works:

  • Firstly, software developers codesign and embed their digital signature on the application or software with the help of a code signing certificate.
  • When the user downloads that signed software, the user's system will decrypt the digital signature of the signed software using an associated public key.
  • The user's system searches for a root certificate through an identity that's recognized and trusted to authenticate an embedded digital signature.
  • The system will compare the hash function for signing an application with the downloaded application's hash function.
  • Once both the hash matches each other, the system starts trusting and allows the download to begin.
  • Nonetheless, the download will fail to occur if the system fails to trust the root or hashes fail to match each other.
how does sectigo code signing certificate work?

One Sectigo Code Signing Certificate for All Major Web Platforms

  • MS Office MS Office Macro Files & VBA 
  • MS Windows 7 & Above MS Windows 8 and 10
  • Adobe Air Adobe Air Applications
  • Mozilla Object Files Mozilla Object Files
  • Java Applications & Apples Java Applications & Applets 
  • MS Authenticode MS Authenticode & file formats like .exe, .cab, .dll, .msi, .ocx, .xap & .xpi
  • MS Office VBA MS Office Macro Files & MS Office VBA
  • Apple OS X Signing Apple OS X Signing
  • Windows 8 kernel Mode Signing Windows 8 kernel Mode Signing

Asked Questions

What is a YubiKey Code?

A YubiKey code is a unique set of credentials for one-shot login by a YubiKey hardware authentication component. When you plug-in the YubiKey device in your computer, and then touch it to authentication, it will produce a unique code that can be used for two-way authentication.

How Do I Use a YubiKey for a Code Signing Certificate?

To use a YubiKey for a code signing certificate, you will first need to have your code signing certificate stored on your YubiKey hardware token. You can accomplish this by following these steps:

  • Step - 1 Purchase a token-based code signing certificate from a Certificate Authority and have it shipped to your company's location.
  • Step - 2 Insert your YubiKey into a USB port on your computer to access the token-based code signing certificate.
  • Step - 3 Configure the YubiKey software manager to unlock the token and set it as the signing method by entering your PIN or password.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to use your YubiKey to digitally sign your code using the code signing certificate. This enhances security and ensures that your code is trusted by users and other software.

How many certificates can be stored on a YubiKey?

According to YubiKey's policy, you can store up to 24 private key/certificate pairs on a single YubiKey token.

What is token signing?

Token signing is a process that verifies the authenticity and integrity of a token through the utilization of a digital signature. During this process, a token-signing certificate is employed, which consists of cryptographic private and public keys. This certificate is utilized to sign the security token, enhancing its security and ensuring its authenticity. Token signing certificates are generally issued by trusted certificate authorities and can be stored on an external hardware component like a YubiKey. When a hardware token is signed using a token-signing certificate integrated into a YubiKey, it verifies that the code signing certificate remains uncompromised and establishes an encrypted connection to authenticate the token's legitimacy.

What is a Sectigo code signing certificate?

Sectigo is a renowned Certificate Authority, which has issued Sectigo Code Signing Certificates to Fortune 500 companies to sign their software and web applications through digital signature. It aligns with all the CA/B Forum standards and updates its signing solutions accordingly. In addition, it offers all types of Software Publisher Certificates, including IV, OV, and EV certificates.

How does a code signing certificate Work?

Code Signing Certificate's working is based on encryption, hashing, and PKI mechanism. It uses the source code as primary input and converts it into the hash value. Afterward, the certificate encrypts the hash and embeds a digital signature and timestamp to it. And as a final output, the software publisher receives the signed executable file.

How long does it take to issue a Sectigo code sign certificate?

To issue an IV and OV Code Signing Certificate, Sectigo takes 1 to 3 working days. And for EV Code Signing Certificate 3 to 5 days are required by the CA.

How does the validation process work for obtaining Sectigo code signing?

The validation process for all three Code Signing Certificates requires different documents and periods to complete. But in all three, Certificate Authority verifies government-approved identities and your legitimacy before issuing the certificate.

How to use a code signing certificate?

The usage of a code signing certificate completely depends on the file you want to sign, the operating system, and the type of certificate getting used. For appropriate guides, access our Free Code Signing Certificate Resources.

How to renew code signing certificates?

To renew Code Signing Certificate, make the payment for a new certificate, create CSR, upload documents, and complete the validation procedure as before. And after verification, CA will issue you a Code Signing Certificate.

What happens when a code signing certificate expires?

When a Code Signing Certificate expires, it downgrades the authenticity of the software signed with it. And when an end-user tries to install an app after its certificate gets expired, the system shows an Unknown Publisher Warning.

Although, if you timestamp the executable file, the authenticity remains and every user seamlessly downloads and installs the software.

What is timestamping in code signing?

Timestamping is the functionality to integrate signing date and time details into the encrypted software. It aids in maintaining the application's legitimacy after the certificate expiration.

What is the difference between standard code signing and EV code signing?

Any firm can apply to obtain a standard code signing certificate. But, an organization with a minimum of three years of operability and a physical address is eligible to avail of an EV Code Signing Certificate. In addition, EV Certificate provides instant acceleration to a digital business reputation. Whereas, with a standard certificate, it grows organically with time.

What is the difference between Sectigo Code Signing and Sectigo EV code signing certificates?

Sectigo Code Signing and Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate both function in the same way. But, if you want to sign a Windows Driver or a core utility software, then EV Code Signing Certificate will only work for it. Moreover, the Sectigo EV certificate provides an immediate reputation boost as you sign. But with Sectigo IV and OV certificates, it grows over time.


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