Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers 2024

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Cheap Wildcard Provider 2024

As you are here and reading this article, it can simply mean one thing: “You are sure that you need a Wildcard SSL Certificate but don’t know with which Certificate Authority to go.”

If that’s the case – don’t fret! In this article, you will get complete knowledge about each CA that offers a wildcard cert and a detailed tabular comparison among them.

But before we start exploring different CAs, it would be better first to comprehend the answers to some of the most asked queries related to Wildcards, such as:

  • What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?
  • Is Wildcard Certificate Free?
  • Why are Wildcard SSL Certs So Expensive?
  • How Much Does a Wildcard SSL Certificate Cost?

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A Wildcard is a special type of SSL certificate that is able to secure the primary domain along with an unlimited number of its associated sub-domains. The certificate uses a wildcard character – (*) asterisk symbol that represents the subdomain part of the domain name.

Instead of using multiple SSL certificates, companies and businesses can utilize this single cert to shield their complete online presence without making a hole in the pocket or having to bear the trouble of managing multiple certs.

Is Wildcard Certificate Free?

Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt issues a free wildcard certificate that uses the ISRG root. These types of certs are only valid for up to 90 days, after which time you have to renew the certificate again. Before planning to buy these SSL certificates, remember that they:

  • Do not offer any warranty.
  • Don’t come with any direct customer support or a trust seal.

Why are Wildcard SSL Certificates Expensive?

A Wildcard SSL can secure a domain along with all its associated subdomains; this makes it expensive compared to any other SSL certificates out there in the market.

Let me explain using an example – Suppose you have a website (, then using such a certificate, you can secure the following:

  •, etc.

How Much Does a Wildcard SSL Certificate Cost?

The cost of a Wildcard SSL Certificate varies depending on the CA and the validation level. Cheapsslweb sells the cheapest DV and OV Wildcard SSL that costs around $19.99/yr and $80.00/yr, respectively.

Top Cheap Wildcard Certificate Providers in 2024

After a thorough analysis by our experts, we have prepared a list of the top nine wildcard certificate providers in 2023, and here’s that list:

  1. DigiCert Wildcard SSL
  2. Certera Wildcard SSL
  3. Sectigo Wildcard SSL
  4. Comodo Wildcard SSL
  5. Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
  6. InstantSSL Wildcard SSL
  7. GeoTrust Wildcard SSL
  8. Thawte Wildcard SSL
  9. RapidSSL Wildcard

Let’s examine each of them in detail.

DigiCert Wildcard SSL

Choose DigiCert for your Organization-Validated Wildcard SSL needs and tap into their strong reputation for digital security and infrastructure. DigiCert Certificate Authority, known for its – robust encryption and excellent customer service that’s available 24*7, shields your website along with all its sub-domains.

All the DigiCert Wildcard certs meet or exceed all NIST and CAB Forum standards, and the root is universally trusted. The cost of a Digicert OV wildcard SSL Certificate is $289.00/yr.

Some of the notable features of the wildcard issued by DigiCert provider are mentioned below:

  • $1,000,000 Warranty
  • DigiCert Secure Trust Seal
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Secures both www and non-www domains
  • Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices

Certera Wildcard SSL

Certera is one of the leading certificate providers that offer Domain-Validated (DV) Wildcard SSL at a great competitive price. The wildcard from this provider comes with secure padlock and HTTPS URLs; visible trust indicators can be seen on the main domains and all of its associated sub-domains, thereby boosting users’ trust and confidence. Wildcard SSL certificate from Certera is available for $19.99/yr.

Some of the eminent features of the wildcard issued by Certera CA are mentioned below:

  • $10,000 Warranty
  • SHA 256-Bit
  • Issuance in Minutes
  • HTTPS + Certera Site Seal + Padlock
  • 2048-bit Signature
  • 99.99% Web & Browser Compatibility
  • Unlimited Server Licensing
  • 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Expert Support: 24×7

Sectigo Wildcard SSL

Choose Sectigo as your DV or OV Wildcard SSL provider if you want both – affordability and strong security. When you go for Sectigo’s Wildcard SSL certificate, you get a solution that covers your main website and all its first-level sub-domains on a single certificate. Sectigo’s cheapest DV and OV SSL wildcards are available for $449 and $799, respectively.

Some of the renowned features of the wildcards issued by this provider are mentioned below:

  • Free 24* 7 Expert Support
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Compatible with all leading web and mobile browsers
  • $500,000 (DV) – $1,000,000 (OV) Warranty
  • Sectigo Trust Seal

Comodo Wildcard SSL

The SSL Wildcard certificates from Comodo CA, feature fast online issuance; therefore, they can be issued within minutes of your purchase. If you want to add more sub-websites, they’re automatically protected with the same certificate.

No extra money is needed – just copy the certificate to the new subsite, and you’re good to go. The Wildcard SSL issued by Comodo CA is available for $449 and $799 for DV and OV, respectively.

Some of the notable features of the wildcard issued by Comodo provider are mentioned below:

  • $250,000 Warranty
  • Domain Validated SSL
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited re-issuance policy
  • 24*7 Expert Support Available
  • Secure both +

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard

For small businesses looking to secure both their main website and sub-websites without spending too much, the Positive SSL Wildcard is a standout option. It offers pocket-friendly wildcard SSL certificates priced at $249 and $449 for DV and OV certs. It works smoothly with 99.99% web and mobile, offering CSR Encryption – 2048 Bit.

Some of the renowned features of the wildcard are mentioned below:

  • Free Site Seal
  • SHA-2 Security
  • Domain Validated
  • $50,000 Warranty
  • SSL Encryption – 256 Bit
  • Unlimited Server Licenses and Re-issuances

InstantSSL Wildcard SSL

Sectigo CA powers InstantSSL and is perfect for those who want a quick and simple Wildcard SSL fix. The wildcard SSL certificates offered by InstantSSL comes with both type of validation – DV and OV, and each cert includes unlimited server licensing so that you can protect all your physical servers. The Wildcard SSL from this provider starts at $449/yr.

Some of the renowned features of the wildcards issued by this provider are mentioned below:

  • Free Site Seal
  • SHA-2 Algorithm
  • $250,000 Warranty
  • Google Ranking Booster
  • 2048-bit CSR Encryption
  • Endless Subdomains’ Security
  • 99.9% Web and Browser Compatibility

GeoTrust Wildcard SSL

Another well-known Wildcard SSL provider Geotrust, is now backed by DigiCert and is a leader in keeping websites safe. GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium Wildcard gets verified automatically and issued quickly. It can also secure sub-sites on one certificate, covering www and non-www sites with solid encryption. The approximate price of Geotrust Wildcard SSL is $417/yr.

Some of the eminent features of the wildcard issued by the GeoTrust provider are mentioned below:

  • SAN Support
  • Free Site Seal
  • SHA-2 Security
  • Domain Validation
  • $500,000 Warranty
  • Issued within minutes
  • Unlimited Server Licenses

Thawte Wildcard SSL

Thawte is a well-known global authority that is trusted by millions worldwide and offers online security solutions (DV and OV SSL certificates).

With strong support, secure authentication ( 256-bit encryption) methods, free site seal, and simple online management, Thawte stands out as a top choice for Wildcard SSL certificates. The price of this Wildcard certificate is approximately $289.00/yr.

Here are some of the notable features of the Thawte Wildcard SSL:

  • SAN Support
  • $500,000 Warranty
  • Free Dynamic Site Seal
  • Unlimited Re-issuances
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • 99% Mobile & Web Browser Compatibility

RapidSSL Wildcard

The wildcard certificates from RapidSSL provider are the best for small and medium-sized businesses with a limited budget. RapidSSL can quickly issue RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates which come with the security of 256-bit SSL encryption and 2048-bit CSR encryption. The cost of a wildcard certificate issued by this provider is 129.61/yr.

Some of the renowned features of the wildcards issued by this provider are mentioned below:

  • Issued within 5-10 Minutes
  • Free Site Seal
  • Unlimited Re-issuances
  • 99.9% Browser Compatibility
  • $10,000 Warranty

Top Re-Sellers to Purchase Wildcard SSL From

CheapSSLWeb: If you want Wildcard SSL certificate’s security, and that too at the cheapest rate possible (in comparison to all the CA or re-sellers present out there), without breaking the bank – CheapSSLWeb is for you. Along with being the cheapest, they make sure that there is no compromise in terms of security or customer support.

SSL2Buy: SSL2Buy makes getting SSL easy and affordable. They have many choices, from which you can pick the one that suits your requirements. Their process is simple, which is excellent for individuals and businesses.

CheapSSLSecurity: When it comes to security that’s both good and doesn’t cost a lot, go to CheapSSLSecurity. They focus on value and dependability. They ensure you’re happy with quick support and easy buying, so your website’s safety journey is smooth and doesn’t hurt your wallet.

Tabular Comparison

Re-sellerStarting Price (DV Wildcard SSL)Starting Price (OV Wildcard SSL)


In this article, we have explored the top nine Wildcard SSL providers and the top 3 re-sellers that you should consider before finalizing your decision.

To make an informed decision, you can compare what different Wildcard SSL providers and re-sellers offer, like what they do, how much they cost, and what’s good about them, by which you would be able to choose the best Wildcard SSL provider for your business.

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificates
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