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Why SSL Green Bar No Longer Exists

If you’ve been using SSLs for a long or have been reading previous articles regarding SSL signifies, you might have noticed that there has been an essential change to what was once known as the “green bar.” specifically that it seems to be gone. Your presumptions are correct: The SSL green bar has no longer exists and won’t be appearing again.

When Extended Validation SSL Certificates first emerged, the SSL certificate green bar was a premium and unique feature. It provided customers with immediate confidence regarding the site’s legitimacy by displaying the company’s official name next to the URL.

However, advancements and growth in HTTPS usage overtook the green bar and pushed business decision-makers to overlook it.

This article explains the reasons behind the green bar’s disappearance and prediction as to whether it will ever return or not.

What is SSL Green Bar?

The SSL green bar served as a visual indicator shown in browsers identifying the legitimacy of the business. It gave website users more assurance that the website’s identity had been appropriately verified by the Certificate Authority (CA).

Extended Validation Certificates demand a more complex validation procedure compared to other categories. CAs issue EV SSL Certificates to only reliable and trustworthy organizations. Also the complex paperwork and communication required for this verification procedure.

What Caused the Green Bar on the SSL Certificate to Disappear?

The green bar shows the presence of the EV certificate, increasing visitor confidence. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox would change the color of the address bar to green and show the name of the organization that created the website when a user hits a website with an Extended Validation SSL.

EV certificates have proved extremely helpful to e-stores, financial institutions, businesses, and even smaller corporations since the 2007 guidelines. SSL green address bar highlights The URL’s official corporate name. The CAs believed it would provide visitors with the highest level of trust.

After a decade, the top browsers gradually began questioning the address bar’s effectiveness in providing information about the security and legitimacy of a website. Google’s study and a review of other academic research reveal that the EV UI does not adequately protect users according to expectations. This is what Google believes:

As usual, Google clarified the change’s rationale so we wouldn’t have to wonder why Google makes it. The Search Engine said that the EV UI fails to protect users as intended, according to the Chrome Security UX team.

They discovered that sometimes the display could be more harmful than helpful. Furthermore, a more extensive security study revealed that it didn’t offer the first level of phishing attack protection.

Will the Green Bar come back?

The answer to this question is probably not, considering the reasons. Google needs to act before giving it the proper consideration and thought. It’s best if they’ve chosen to do away with the green bar permanently due to their thorough analysis, especially for website owners.

Users, however, can also become victims, as with evil websites that imitate the appearance of a green bar and visitors into thinking they are secure. Yes, you heard it right. The day when the green bar appeared on websites as a sign of security and confidence is over, and it’s uncertain that it will ever come back.

Google Chrome started the transformation in Sep2018 with Chrome 69, which removed the green color from the EV indications. The green bar and related business-related data were later removed from all browsers’ interfaces in the autumn of 2019. This change meets users’ growing expectations for security & security practices.

Even though eliminating the green bar may have diminished their popularity, EV certificates benefit corporations, organizations, and financial institutions. Additionally, some sectors go so far as to demand that EV certs follow security and online transaction specifications.

Although the green bar is no longer there, if you run a company or business, an EV certificate is still a valuable indicator to users trying to determine your website’s reliability. User can still access Your company’s information by clicking the padlock even though it is no longer so prominently visible. Thus, the information is still present, occupying less space in the address bar.

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As the web advances, the fundamental elements that keep it running continue to develop with it. Since the day they were released, SSL certificates have advanced considerably. The ultra-secure and unbreakable cryptographic protocols ensure encryption.

Additionally, the CAs are proficient in the validation process, giving users the confidence that the website is authentic and belongs to a legitimate company doing business honestly.

The SSL Certificate green bar, formerly a premium feature and a requirement for EV certs, was a great addition during the early phases of HTTPS usage. It contributed to a greater understanding of the need for Web encryption and transparency while exchanging private information and making payments online.

Janki Mehta

Janki Mehta

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