Comodo SSL Review: Why it is the Best CA?

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Comodo SSL Review

In-depth Research on COMODO SSL Review for Pricing, Benefits, and Products

Implementing an SSL certificate to enhance your website security is not just a mere obligation today but something that is of utmost importance. Apart from offering website security, it also plays a significant role in determining the success of a website. Nobody wants their end-users to suffer from data breaches or leaks of confidential information. To ensure all of this doesn’t happen, having a good SSL certificate from a good Certificate Authority like COMODO CA should be the number one priority.

By using SSL certificates issued by a trusted CA, websites and organizations can show their visitors that they are legitimate and can trust them to share their sensitive information. This helps to establish credibility and build trust with users, which can be important for businesses and organizations that rely on online interactions and transactions.

So if you are wondering which CA should be ideal for your website, we have an answer for you! It is Comodo.

Let us do a Comodo SSL review today, starting with what it is.

What is Comodo CA?

Comodo CA is a well-established certificate authority with a long history in the internet security industry. Founded in 1998, it has grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of SSL certificates. Comodo CA headquartered in New Jersey, USA, and it offers a wide range of products and services related to computer software and internet security, including SSL certificates, antivirus software, and web security solutions. The company is led by Melih Abdulhayoğlu, who is the founder and current CEO.

Comodo, as a CA, issues SSL certificates to websites and organizations to enable secure, encrypted communication over the internet. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a technology that uses encryption to secure data transmitted between a client (such as a web browser) and a server (such as a website). SSL certificates can authenticate the website’s identity and establish a secure connection between the client and the server.

The CA’s strong security measures and good customer support are well-known. Many organizations and individuals around the world use its SSL certificates, which are widely recognized as secure and trustworthy. Whether it is a positive SSL review or a Comodo code signing certificate review, Comodo is one of the best. Let us discuss why.

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Why Choose Comodo CA as your Certificate Authority?

Comodo CA is a world-class certificate authority that is ideal for so many reasons. Let us see what factors that make it the best.

Use of Top-Level Encryption

Comodo’s SSL certificates use strong encryption to secure data transmitted between a client (web browser) and a server (website). The certificates use 256-bit encryption, which is a very high level of security that makes it extremely difficult for attackers to breach the encryption and intercept or modify the data between the browser and server. By using a Comodo SSL certificate, you can be confident that your website is secure against cyber attacks and that the data transmitted between your website and its visitors is secure.

It’s worth noting that while strong encryption is an important aspect of website security, it is not the only factor to consider. Other measures, such as keeping your website software and plugins up to date, using a web application firewall, and implementing robust access controls and authentication processes, can also help to protect your website against cyber threats.

Customer-Centric Approach

Comodo CA boasts a large customer base, including web hosting companies, domain registrars, and other organizations from various sectors. The company’s reputation stems from providing a wide range of resources and support to its customers, including informative guides and forums and dedicated support teams available to assist with certificate issuance, installation, and any other issues that may arise.

Comodo CA offers a range of SSL certificate products to meet the needs of different types of websites and businesses, and its team can help customers choose the right certificate for their needs. In addition to SSL certificates, Comodo CA offers other security products and services, such as malware scanners and web application firewalls, which can help protect websites further and enhance security.

Availability of a Wide Range of SSL Certificates

Comodo CA offers a range of SSL certificate products to meet the needs of different types of websites and businesses. Here is a brief overview of the main types of SSL certificates Comodo offers:

  • DV SSL Certificates: The applicant proves ownership of the domain in question to obtain these basic types of SSL certificates. DV certificates are suitable for small businesses, bloggers, freelancers, test domains, and internal servers.
  • OV SSL Certificates: They are known as high assurance certificates because the applicant must provide proof of their organization’s legitimacy, including location and registration details. OV certificates are suitable for established businesses operating on internal networks and intranets.
  • EV SSL Certificates: These are the highest level of SSL certificates issued through a rigorous validation process. EV certificates provide the highest level of security and credibility and display a unique visual indicator in the address bar to show that the organization’s identity has been verified.
  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificates: These certificates can secure up to 250 domains and unlimited subdomains with a single certificate, making them suitable for organizations with multiple websites.

It’s important to choose the right SSL certificate based on the specific needs and requirements of your website and business. Comodo’s support team can help you determine the best certificate for your needs and guide you through the process of obtaining and installing it.

Best Comodo SSL Certificates in 2023

SSL CertificateSSL TypesPrice Per YearDomain CoverageIssuance TimeWarranty Amount
Positive SSL CertificateDV$5.49www and non-wwwImmediate$10,000
Essential SSL CertificateDV$9.99www and non-wwwImmediate$10,000
Positive SSL WildcardDV$38.99Unlimited Sub-domainsImmediate$10,000
Essential SSL WildcardDV$49.99Unlimited Sub-domainsImmediate$10,000
Instant SSL CertificateOV$21.99www and non-www1-3 Days$50,000
Premium SSL CertificateOV$38.99www and non-www1-3 Days$250,000
Positive Multi-Domain SSLDV$14.99Multiple DomainsImmediate$10,000
Comodo Code SigningOV$49.99Unlimited Apps Signing1-3 DaysN/A
Comodo EV Code SigningEV$199.99Unlimited Apps Signing1-5 DaysN/A
Comodo Wildcard SSLDV$90.99Unlimited Sub-domainsImmediate$250,000
Comodo Multi Domain SSLOV$69.99Multiple Domains1-3 Days$250,000
Positive Multi-Domain WildcardDV$99.99Multiple Domains & Sub-domainsImmediate$10,000

Benefits of Comodo SSL Certificates from COMODO CA

Comodo’s SSL certificates offer a range of features and benefits that make them a popular choice for many organizations and individuals. Some of the key features and benefits of Comodo’s SSL certificates include:

  • Wide Browser Compatibility: Comodo’s SSL certificates are compatible with 99% of web browsers, ensuring a wide audience can use them.
  • SHA-2 Signing Capabilities: Comodo’s SSL certificates use the SHA-2 algorithm for signing, which is practically more secure than the older SHA-1 algorithm.
  • No Wait Policy: Comodo CA immediately issues SSL certificates, eliminating the need to wait to install the certificate.
  • Trusted Root Certificates: Major web browsers trust Comodo’s SSL certificates, which increases the website’s credibility and trustworthiness.
  • High Assurance Validation: Comodo’s OV and EV SSL certificates require thorough validation of both the domain and the organization, which helps to establish the identity and credibility of the website.
  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates: Comodo’s EV SSL certificates provide the highest security and credibility and display a unique visual indicator in the address bar to show that the organization’s identity has been verified.
  • Warranty: Comodo’s SSL certificates come with a warranty of up to USD 1 million, which helps to protect against losses resulting from certificate-related issues.
  • Website Vulnerability Scanning: Comodo CA offers website vulnerability scanning to help identify and fix potential security vulnerabilities on websites.
  • Smartphone and Micro Browser Support: Comodo’s SSL certificates ensure compatibility with smartphones and micro browsers, allowing them to use on various devices.

Overall, Comodo’s SSL certificates offer a range of features and benefits that make them a trusted and reliable choice for many organizations and individuals.

24/7 Live SSL Support

Comodo CA is renowned for offering excellent customer support to its SSL certificate customers. The company has dedicated support teams available to assist with certificate issuance, installation, and any other issues that may arise. Customers can contact Comodo CA for support via live chat, phone, email, or a support ticket, and the company also has a knowledgebase section on its website to provide information and guidance to customers.

Choosing good customer support is an important consideration when choosing an SSL certificate provider, as the process of obtaining and installing an SSL certificate can be complex and may require technical expertise. By choosing a provider with a reputation for good customer support, you can ensure that you have access to the help and guidance you need to install and use your SSL certificate successfully.

These are some of the points that make Comodo one of the best CAs out there. Be it a Comodo SSL review, Comodo code signing certificate review, or a review of its email certificate, it is going to be positive.

Conclusion of Comodo SSL Review

Comodo CA offers a wide range of SSL certificate products to meet the needs of different types of websites and businesses at various levels of security. From basic domain-validated certificates to advanced extended validation certificates, its certificates can secure a single domain or multiple domains as needed. Moreover, it secures websites, apps, and other types of internet-based applications.

Comodo CA is known for offering competitive pricing on its SSL certificates, and the company also offers a trial period of 90 days for customers to try out its products before committing to a purchase. This can be a helpful way to determine if a Comodo SSL certificate is the right fit for your needs. Overall, Comodo’s SSL certificates are well-regarded in the industry and, Comodo SSL review from us is surely 10/10.

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