Top 5 Best HTTP to HTTPS WordPress Plugins for Website Security

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top 5 best http to https wordpress plugin for website security

Secure your website with HTTPS authentication by adding one out of these top five HTTP to HTTPS Plugins

Why are websites recommended to have an SSL certificate? What’s the reason they are asked to have HTTPS in the beginning of their web address? Have you ever wondered about the impact and importance of shifting from HTTP to HTTPS?

Websites with HTTPS in the prefix are considered better than the ones with the HTTP prefix. We can cite several reasons for this transformation, and all of them are meant to benefit your business or organization.

One of the most important benefits of having HTTPS or having an SSL certificate is security. Websites and platforms that are enabled with an SSL certificate, irrespective of where they are hosted, are secure. Better security translates to better customer experience and makes everyone confident about engaging with your website.

At a time when 43% of the websites on the web are built on WordPress, you need to know everything about enabling your WordPress website with HTTPS. One way to convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS is by using a WordPress plugin. In this article, we will list five plugins for better website security.

What is an SSL Certificate, and why is it Required?

Websites and applications collect information and data of visitors. This includes the visitor’s name, location, and even sensitive financial information.

On eCommerce websites, this information is even more detailed as people come here to buy stuff and share personal information. In this scenario, websites that don’t have the right configuration to protect their customers are not trusted.

An SSL certificate helps secure the data, verify the domain owner of the website, and also prevent attackers from cloning the website or creating a fake version of the website. Moreover, it adds to the trust and security of the website as it encrypts the connection between the user and the server.

So, having an SSL certificate means your website will be considered safe and secure by the users. The logic behind this is that at the time of issuing the SSL certificate, the certificate authority verifies the identity of the website owner.

That’s not all; an SSL certification is also a good ranking factor for your website. Google and other search engines prefer ranking the websites that have an SSL certificate rather than those which don’t have one.

Top 5 HTTP to HTTPS WordPress Plugins

Using a plugin is the easier method to add an SSL authentication to your WordPress website using a plugin. Here are the top 5 best WordPress Plugins for website security.


CM HTTPS Pro is a complete package solution for website owners wanting to convert from HTTP to HTTPS. This is the Force HTTPS plugin, which literally forces the WordPress backend to use HTTPS for accessing web pages. As a result, it also creates an automatic HTTPS redirection. Hence, all the HTTP calls are changed to HTTPS, in turn making the website more secure and giving its SEO rankings a boost.

Alongside adding to the WordPress website security, the plugin will ensure that the admin dashboard is secure along with the front end. It will remove the insecure elements and also disable the debug mode.

With this tool, you can generate an SSL certificate in a single click and also access the install instructions. Moreover, you will benefit from an in-built scanner to find unsecured content with the precise location. You will get the option to force-execute the HTTPS on the entire website or on specific pages.

This HTTP to HTTPS plugin comes with multi-website compatibility, URL mapping, and a bunch of testing tools.

2. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL will automatically convert HTTP to HTTPS WordPress website making the connection secure. It gives the website better health by securing the connection between the user and the server. The in-built health checkup helps the website owner determine the issues within the website and implement the corrective action.

Some of the important features of Really Simple SSL is easy migration. This plugin takes care of conversion in one click. The server health check feature monitors the server configuration, further improving its safety. Another great feature is WordPress Hardening, whereby you can twerk the configuration to fortify WordPress and identify its weaknesses.

The Really Simple SSL extends the security functionality to include the Mixed content Scan and Fixer, which detects files requested by HTTP and fixes the same with HTTPS. As this tool is specifically designed for WordPress, it’s a good HTTP to HTTPS plugin.

3. Easy HTTPS Redirection

The Easy HTTPS Redirection is another great plugin to force redirect the HTTP requests to HTTPS. Moreover, it makes the browsers believe that your website is secured with HTTPS and lets them index the pages with the HTTPS version. The plugin automatically sets the redirection sequence from HTTP to HTTPS.

This plugin will also force all static files like images, CSS, and JS to be recognized with HTTPS. The plugin is easy to use and delivers the intended results in a few clicks. Like other HTTP to HTTPS plugins mentioned on the list, this one also lets you auto-redirect the entire website or only a few pages.

4. SSL Insecure Content Fixer

The SSL Insecure Content Fixer offers different sorts of functionality than the ones on the list. It works exceptionally well after you have already implemented SSL and the best usage comes in the form of resolving the insecure content warnings. Moreover, after activating the plugin, it will automatically perform some basic fixes ensuring that the website starts performing well.

In addition to this, the WordPress Multisite feature in the plugin gets a network settings page. With this feature, the network administrator can specify settings once for the entire network. It’s an easy-to-use plugin that is specifically built to diagnose issues and provide simple resolutions.

5. WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL, as the name suggests, forces the integration of HTTPS on an HTTP website address. It has proven to be a good choice for beginner website administrators and owners. Working with this HTTP to HTTPS plugin is made easier with its minimal features and intuitive design. However, where it does make things super easier, do not expect it to have advanced features.

The Process to Integrate SSL Certificate on WordPress with Plugins

Enabling your website with the required SSL certification is a two-part process. In the first part, you will need to choose and download the desired WordPress plugin. We have created a list of the best HTTP to HTTPS WordPress plugins for your reference. Once you have chosen the WordPress plugin, the process to activate and enable the HTTPS is generally the same for all the plugins.

  • Start with making a backup of your existing website. It can help in case there is an issue in the website after enabling the plugin.
  • Once you are done with the backup, install the SSL certificate or generate one with the plugin. Note that not all plugins can generate the SSL certificate, so make sure to check the plugin for this feature before.
  • Download the plugin and upload it to the WordPress Content Directory. The address for this is /wp-content/plugins/directory.
  • Log out of the WordPress account and log in again. Go to Plugins in the WordPress menu and click on Activate.


Validating your websites with an SSL certificate and redirecting HTTP to HTTPS is a mission-critical step in creating a secure and safe browsing experience for your visitors and users. Having the certificate makes your website secure as it encrypts the connection between the client and server. As the SSL certificate takes effect, it authenticates the website and adds a padlock sign before the URL.

This sign works as a trust-increasing factor for the visitors, and they engage with the website with confidence. Hence, getting the right plugin to work for your website is essential.

Janki Mehta

Janki Mehta

Janki Mehta is a Cyber-Security Enthusiast who constantly updates herself with new advancements in the Web/Cyber Security niche. Along with theoretical knowledge, she also implements her practical expertise in day-to-day tasks and helps others to protect themselves from threats.

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