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ssl certificate for email server

SSL Is Useful in Securing Websites, but It’s Also Used in Securing Your Email Server

Server hosting websites requires an SSL certificate for providing a secure encrypted connection between client and server at the time of data or information transmission. But it isn’t limited to websites only, and SSL is also useful for securing email servers.

However, if you’re questioning what type of SSL certificate will work for an email server, then keep reading. Here, we’ll cover some of the reasons why you should invest in an SSL certificate for your mail server.

A mail server SSL certificate, also known as an email server certificate, encrypts your email communications similar to single Domain SSL certificates that secure information/data transmission between the browser and the website.

Here’s Why You Need SSL Certificate for Mail Server

Put simply, without having an SSL certificate installed for the mail server, and you’ll never be able to verify whether the mail server you’re trying to connect and communicate with is authentic or not.

Likewise, it can lead to malicious hackers spoofing the webserver and extracting the communication. Furthermore, if you don’t have an encrypted mail server, the emails sent through the server will go to the plain server. It means attackers can efficiently perform attacks such as MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) and tamper with the information or data sent within that email.

An email server certificate also helps incorporate encryption and identity verification into your protocol. So, whenever you use SSL, you can securely log into the mail server while avoiding sending your login details over the internet in plaintext.

Other than that, many organizations have moved towards messaging applications for communicating over the internet. However, email communication is essential whether you want to communicate within the organization or outside. In other words, it’s quite common to send sensitive information through email communication, and because of this, cybercriminals take an interest in it.

S/MIME Certificate Isn’t Enough

Nonetheless, S/MIME certificates, also called email signing certificates, are essential for encrypting your email. But, relying solely on S/MIME can become an issue if you don’t secure your web server using an SSL certificate.

S/MIME certificates help secure email communications sent over the internet using the latest encryption standard, but email server certificates are essential to secure email servers.

Wrapping Up

Email server certificate as well as S/MIME certificate both function differently. For instance, an email server certificate is needed to secure your email server. Likewise, the S/MIME certificate is needed to encrypt, sign, and prove the authenticity of the email messages you sent over the internet. In addition, with the help of an SSL certificate for your mail server, you can stay assured your mail delivery won’t be exploited, which helps keep security intact.

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Janki Mehta

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