DV SSL Vs OV SSL Certificate Differences Explained

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A Comprehensive Comparison of DV SSL and OV SSL Certificate

Be very careful while choosing an SSL certificate, as – SSL certificates are not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you intend to get an SSL certificate and are confused between – DV SSL vs OV SSL certificates, you need first to understand what type of certificates these are, their features, and other things.

This is where SSL experts like us come in. This article will explore everything you need to know to decide. After reading the article, you will have the knowledge to choose the best SSL certificate that suits your organization’s requirements.

DV SSL Vs OV SSL: What is DV SSL Certificate?

DV SSL (Domain Validated SSL) is the standard website security solution from Certificate Authority (CA). It allows the primary encryption channel to protect website communication in web browser and authenticate domain ownership. Acquiring such a basic SSL certificate involves a straightforward process. The domain owner must prove their ownership of the domain in question. Once the Certificate Authority or SSL Brand verifies the ownership, they issue the certificate to the domain owner. The whole process takes about 2-3 hours and DV certificates are available from a low range – $3.99/yr.

Who Needs a DV Certificate and Why?

Domain Validation certificates are suitable for those organizations who want to acquire basic encryption and authentication for their websites. A DV SSL certificate is also appropriate for organizations that do not handle sensitive information – login credentials or credit card details.

The organizations that generally go for this kind of certificate are small businesses and start-ups. These organizations choose this type of certificate because acquiring a DV certificate is relatively easy, requires only verification of domain ownership, and is less expensive.

Being less expensive is one the most significant factors that attract domain owners to choose this certificate as it won’t make a hole in their pockets, and they will achieve their goal.

Features of DV SSL certificate

Here are the features of the DV SSL certificate:

  • It verifies domain ownership and does not require any other sort of paper work.
  • These SSL certificate offers basic encryption and authentication for website security.
  • Domain Validation certificates are inexpensive in comparison to OV or EV SSL certificates.
  • This type of certificate does not show organization information in the certificate details.
  • It uses 256-bit encryption to provide robust security.
  • These certificates are consistent with 99.99% modern desktop and mobile browsers.
  • The certificate also offers an insurance amount (warranty) ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.
  • Domain Validation certificate supports static site seal and can be set up within few hours.

OV SSL Vs DV SSL: What is OV SSL Certificate?

OV SSL (Organization Validated SSL) certificates secure website communication and validate both domain ownership and the existence of the organization or business that owns the domain.

To obtain such a certificate, the domain owner must undergo a more rigorous validation process than prior discussed certificate. Once the request has been made, the CA will verify the domain ownership, the organization’s existence, and legal identity. This validation process includes checking business licenses, registration documents, and other legal documents to ensure the organization is legitimate and trustworthy. Issuing this certificate is a long process and may take 1-3 working days. 

Who Needs an OV SSL Certificate and Why?

Organization Validation certifications are ideal for those organizations who want to acquire a higher level of security and authentication for their websites. This certificate is also suitable for organizations that handle sensitive information – login credentials or credit card details.

The organizations that generally go for such a certificate are e-commerce websites and financial institutions. These organizations choose this because acquiring an OV certificate requires validation of the organization’s identity and ownership and domain ownership, which in turn allows for establishing a higher level of trust and security for the users visiting the website. No one will feel comfortable sharing sensitive information on a website that is not secure.

OV SSL certificate is also preferred as it offers higher insurance coverage ($1 million) in comparison to previous certificate. This makes them a more reliable choice for organizations requiring maximum website and customer security. These certificates are available in the market from $21.99/yr.

Features of OV certificate

Here are the features of the OV certificate:

  • It requires a rigorous validation process to verify the organization’s identity behind the website.
  • These certificates employe 256-bit encryption and comes with a dynamic trust seal.
  • Organization Validation certificate is works with most modern web browsers.
  • The certificate comes with a warranty amount that ranges from $10,000 to $1 million, depending on the provider.
  • OV certificates, such as Comodo Instant SSL Certificate starts from just – $21.99/yr.
  • The issuance of this certificate takes up to 3 business days.
  • The certificate also displays domain and organization names in the certificate details, thus reassuring website users regarding the security of their data.

DV vs OV SSL Certificate Comparison

For better understanding, let’s explore the difference between DV and OV certificates in a tabular format:

Validation typeDomain validationOrganization validation
Required informationProof of domain ownershipProof of domain ownership and organization
Issuance timeMinutes to hours1-3 working days
Trust levelLowHigh
PriceLess expensive than OV. The price starts from $3.99/yr.More expensive than DV. The price starts from $21.99/yr.
Trust SealStaticDynamic
Compatibility99.99% of web and mobile browsers.99.99% of web and mobile browsers.
Warranty$10,000 to $50,000$10,000 to $1 million
Displayed informationDomain Name and SSL encryptionCompany Information and SSL encryption
Use caseSmall websites that handle non-sensitive data.Large websites that handle sensitive data.
Buy Positive SSL DVBuy Instant SSL Pro OV

Other SSL Types Comparison


DV certificate validates domain ownership and is, therefore, cheap and easy to obtain. OV certificate validates both domain ownership and organization information and therefore is expensive and requires more effort to get. Domain Validation certificates are ideal for small websites that do not handle sensitive data but want to maintain basic authentication and encryption benchmarks to keep the user’s trust. Organization Validation SSL are ideal for large websites that take sensitive data and want to maintain high authentication and encryption benchmarks to establish a higher level of trust with the users.

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