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Azure Key Vault EV Code Signing @ $519.99

Now run the Code Signing Azure Pipeline effortlessly to Validate Code Integrity and Eliminate Unknown Publisher Warnings.

The Exceptional Azure EV Code Signing Certificate is one of the most appropriate ways to ensure code integrity throughout the software's lifecycle. It is an Azure service for managing and protecting various secrets and cryptographic keys that cloud services and applications use. Azure Key Vault EV is perfect for effectively signing applications if you manage your projects using Azure pipelines and sign them using Windows 10 drivers.

The most advanced hashing and encryption methods protect against major illegal integrations and modifications. When you sign your software using an EV Code Signing Certificate securely stored in Azure Key Vault, you are predominantly adding a digital signature to it. This digital signature confirms the trustworthiness and legitimacy of your code. A sophisticated digital certificate like this meets all CA/B standards and allows for unlimited executable file signing, compatibility with all extensions, and connection with the Azure pipeline.

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EV SSL Validation Extended Vaidation
Unlimited SSL Reissuance Cloud Based Key Storage
Prove Code Authenticity Prove Code Authenticity
Robust Digital Security Robust Digital Security

Azure Code Signing Cert Comparison Table

Subscription Certera logo Azure Key Vault Code Signing Certificate Starts @ Buy Now Comodo Azure Key Vault EV Code Signing Certificate Starts @ Buy Now
Options for Multiple Years Max 3 years Max 3 years
Issuance Time 3-5 Business Days 3-8 Business Days
Encryption Strength SHA – 2, Up to 256-bits SHA – 2, Up to 256-bits
CSR/RSA Key Length 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit
Device Ubiquity More than 99% More than 99%
Validation Type Standard Validation Extended Validation
Instant Reputation w/ MS Smartscreen Filter No Yes
Key Storage Cloud HSM Cloud HSM
Time Stamp N/A N/A
Technical Support N/A N/A
Refund Policy Within 30 – Days [ If Not Issue] Within 30 – Days [ If Not Issue]
Java Signing N/A N/A
Microsoft Authenticode Signing N/A N/A
MS Office Document Signing N/A N/A
Windows Vista x64 kernel-mode signing N/A N/A
Adobe Air Signing N/A N/A
Microsoft Office VBA signing N/A N/A

Features and Benefits of Azure Key Vault EV Code Signing Certificate

Streamlined Certification Process

Streamlined Certification Process

An Azure Code Signing certificate could be generated and kept in the Azure Key Vault, allowing policies to be defined for usage, renewal, and constant notification of incidents.

Combat Against Malware

Combat Against Malware

Blends strong validation and verification procedures with improved Security from malware and tampering.

Key Storage Cloud HSM

Key Storage Cloud HSM

The Cloud hardware security module contains the private key for the EV Azure certificate, complying with FIPS 140-2 Level 2. It guarantees that unwanted access to the key won't take place.

Simple Microsoft Platform Integration

Simple Microsoft Platform Integration

The Azure Key Vault Code Signing Certificates are easily compatible with commercial marketplace stores and other Microsoft platforms. To make it simpler for users to locate and use your software, you can publish your applications and add-ons in Microsoft stores using them.

Signs Instinctively

Signs Instinctively

It can be designed to automatically sign the specified executable files, renew itself, and adhere to new requirements and regulations when combined with the pipeline.

Better Confidentiality and Security

Better Confidentiality and Security

You can protect your software from hackers and unauthorized modifications by adding robust digital signatures to your code sign certificate and storing it on a secure cloud platform known as Microsoft Azure Key Vault.

Automated Logging

Automated Logging

You can streamline the logging process using a code signing certificate kept in Azure Key Vault. This will provide information about who signed which software and when.

Robust cloud-based Security

Robust cloud-based Security

The Vault HSM secures and private-maintains the private keys linked to the certificates. It protects against unauthorized access or manipulation and complies with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Enhanced Efficiency of Developers

Enhanced Efficiency of Developers

The user-friendly interface and well-documented APIs of Azure Key Vault make it simple for developers to include encryption, decryption, and secret management into apps. Developers were taken into mind when developing the platform.

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

By offering a centralized platform, Azure Key Vault reduces the complexity of managing keys, secrets, and certificates while removing the need for distributed systems.

Code Signing with Azure Key Vault (Generate CSR & Import Certificate)

  • Get the EV Code Signing Certificate for Azure Key Vault.
  • Create Key Vault from Portal
  • Generate CSR and Import the Code Signing Certificate.
  • Configure the Application in Azure Active Directory and Register it.
  • Setup the app with Required Permissions.
  • Download CSR.
  • Forward it to the Enrolment Form.
  • Once the CA has verified the information, you will get an email with the Private Key Protection Agreement.
  • Check and Agree to the Details.
  • Communicate with Our Support Assistance to Get .PEM File.
  • Select Merge Signed Request from Azure Portal.
  • Insert .PEM file and Proceed for Merge Request. Download it Once Complete.
  • Now, You are all set to Sign your App using your Preferred Tool.

Why Is the Azure Key Vault EV Code Signing Certificate the Better Option?

EV Azure Code Signing Certificate is an excellent option for your executable files. It maintains its status above the OV certificate while providing the most exceptional characteristics listed below.

  • Rapid Development of Trust.
  • Defence against hacking and viruses.
  • Simplified Certificate Management.
  • Compatibility across a variety of platforms.
  • Secure Private Key Storage.
  • Improved Credibility and Trust.
  • Centralized Management
  • Validated HSMs at Level 2 and Level 3 of FIPS 140-2
  • Generate and Import Certificates and Keys

Platform Compatibility

  • MS Office MS Office Macro Files & VBA 
  • MS Windows 7 & Above MS Windows 8 and 10
  • Adobe Air Adobe Air Applications
  • Mozilla Object Files Mozilla Object Files
  • Java Applications & Apples Java Applications & Applets 
  • MS Authenticode MS Authenticode & file formats like .exe, .cab, .dll, .msi, .ocx, .xap & .xpi
  • MS Office VBA MS Office Macro Files & MS Office VBA
  • Apple OS X Signing Apple OS X Signing
  • Windows 8 kernel Mode Signing Windows 8 kernel Mode Signing

Asked Questions

What is Azure Key Vault?

Azure Key Vault is a key management tool/solution offered by Microsoft Azure Cloud. It facilitates the execution, automation, and simplification of the preceding three tasks:

  • Certificate Management,
  • Secrets Management,
  • Key Management
  • Moreover, it offers both standard and premium services.

What is an Azure EV Code Signing Certificate?

The exclusive Azure Code Signing Certificate is the most reliable way to maintain code integrity throughout the code lifecycle. It employs the most recent hashing and encryption methods to stop significant illegal alterations and integrations. Moreover, Azure Key Vault facilitates it and realizes its full potential, simplifying certificate and critical administration. In addition, the Azure EV Code Signing Certificate is Extended Validation level compliant for extra benefits and complies with all CA/B standards.

How many executable files can be signed with a single Azure EV Code Signing Certificate?

With an Azure EV Code Signing Certificate, you can sign and date-stamped an unlimited number of executable files. Furthermore, the user and kernel mode driver files can be secured with the assistance of this EV certificate.

Do Code Signing Certificates for Azure Key Vaults expire?

Azure Key Vault Code Signing Certificates expire, just like other kinds of certificates. To prevent disruptions in code signing procedures, it is imperative to monitor certificate expiration dates and renew them in advance.

What distinguishes Azure Key Vault EV Code Signing Certificate from Azure Key Vault Code Signing Certificate?

Although Azure Key Vault EV Code Signing Certificate and Azure Key Vault Code Signing Certificate are similar, they differ in a few ways.

Only the EV code signing certificate can be used to sign Windows 10 drivers. The EV code signing certificate immediately enhances SmartScreen's reputation, but it must develop naturally with the Azure Key Vault code signing certificate.

EV code signing certificates cannot be used by those without a registered business; however, Azure Key Vault code signing certificates are unconstrained.


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