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Enhance your Degree of Security by Encrypting your Emails to Protect your Communications

With the DigiCert S/MIME Certificate, you can digitally sign and encrypt emails to prevent them from various vicious threats. Additionally, it assists in maintaining the integrity of emails by enabling senders and receivers to verify the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the shared content.

Moreover, this certificate for DigiCert Secure Email (S/MIME) is Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, and all other major email providers. Furthermore, it works with email apps, including Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.


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DigiCert S/MIME Certificate Features and Benefits

Defend Emails against Online Fraudsters

Defend Emails against Online Fraudsters

Emails frequently include sensitive information that can be intercepted and compromised. By using digital signatures and encryption, you can prevent this from happening. However, it builds confidence in the emails you communicate and receive. Moreover, you can quickly secure data and adhere to GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulatory frameworks when you use end-to-end email encryption.

Secure Document Signing

Secure Document Signing

You may digitally sign business documents with the DigiCert S/MIME Certificate. Thus, a legitimate source will verify the document's recipient and know it was not altered in transit. The DigiCert Secure Email (S/MIME) Certificates document signing feature is compatible with the Microsoft Office Suite ony. If you want Adobe Compatibility, You should Buy DigiCert Document Signing Cert.

Customer Verification

Customer Verification

With certificate-based two-factor authentication, you can strengthen security for your servers, network, and apps. By doing this, you can guarantee that no one other than authorized personnel has access to your servers, which are home to critical data, including financial documents and client information. You could restrict your server access to users with an authorized client certificate. Use client authentication certificates to increase security and reduce the danger of using passwords alone.

Enhances Credibility

Enhances Credibility

Spam emails frequently result in critical information disclosure, severely damaging businesses. Thus, protecting email correspondence with security certificates, such as the DigiCert Email Security certificate, improves your company's image while assisting in preventing such spam email-based attacks. Send and verify Microsoft Office documents securely. By digitally signing the documents, you assure the receiver that they were not altered and with proof of authorship.

Minimizing Phishing Emails

Minimizing Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are a standard tool used by con artists to fool people into sending sensitive information. Moreover, phishing emails are now often received. Additionally, SMIME or Email Siging certificates from reputable certificate authorities like DigiCert help prevent these scam emails since they encrypt email messages, which remain unreadable until the intended receiver perceives them.

Exceptional Compatibility

Exceptional Compatibility

The DigiCert S/MIME Certificate is compatible with all popular email programs, web browsers, and mobile devices. Compatible with widely used email applications, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Google Mail, and Microsoft Outlook. Supported browsers include- Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, the Microsoft Edge browser, Safari browsers, and Opera. Supported operating systems such as - Linux, Windows, and MacO.

What is S/MIME or Email Signing Certificate?

S/MIME stands for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension also called as Email Signing Certificate. It securely provides "dual protection" by combining digital signatures with end-to-end encryption to secure your emails from many challenges, such as Intellectual property theft, Spoofed phishing emails, man-in-the-middle attacks, harm to the integrity of a brand, Unintentional breaches of data, and several other security breaches of security, malware, and fraudulent attacks.

You can protect your company, its employees, clients, and everybody who communicates with you from malicious fraudsters by implementing the latest security trends in email security, such as S/MIME, all over the entire company.

New S/MIME Baseline Requirements from CA/B

1. Deprecate organization units (OUs).

S/MIME certificates allow optional metadata to be included in the OU field. However, its intended use is limited, and incorporating the OU needs further verification.

2. New organization validation requirements for certificates issued with organization information (sponsor-validated and organization-validated)

According to the updated S/MIME organization validation standards specified in the Baseline standards for the Issuance and Management of Publicly-Trusted S/MIME Certificates, DigiCert must revalidate the organization (Legal Entity) if your S/MIME certificate contains organization information.

3. New email domain validation criteria for certificates incorporating organization details (sponsor-validated and organization-validated).

Email addresses with domains can only be included in your public S/MIME certificates if the organization can prove that it owns the entire domain.

4. For both sponsor- and organization-validated S/MIME certificates, the new Organisation Identifier appears in the SubjectDN.

5. New S/MIME certificate policy object identifiers (OIDs) by the certificate type.

Under the new baseline criteria, certificate authorities (CAs) for public S/MIME certificates must provide the appropriate certificate policy OID:

Mailbox-validated OID: - S/MIME certificates for individuals

Organization-validated OID: - S/MIME certificate for an organization

Sponsor-validated OID: - S/MIME certificate for an organization to issue to its organization-sponsored individuals

6. Deprecate the DigiCert-specific OIDs listed below since the new S/MIME certificate policy OIDs will be used in their place:

  • 2.16.840.1.114412.4.1.1
  • 2.16.840.1.114412.4.1.2
  • 2.16.840.1.114412.4.2
  • 2.16.840.1.114412.4.3

Platform Compatibility

  • MS Outlook & Outlook on the Web MS Outlook & Outlook on the Web 
  • MailMate MailMate
  • Apple Mail Apple Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird
  • IBM Notes IBM Notes
  • CipherMail (For Android phones) CipherMail (For Android phones)
  • iPhone iOS Mail iPhone iOS Mail 
  • Gmail Gmail (G Suite for Education as well as G Suite Enterprise) 

Asked Questions

How does S/MIME work?

A S/MIME certificate provides a public key pair and a private key. Messages transmitted to you are decrypted and signed by you using your secret private key. The messages are encrypted so only you can read them, and the public key is given so that recipients can verify that you are the sender.

What are the significant specifications of DigiCert S/MIME?

  • IETF Compliant EKU.
  • Fulfills CA/B Forum requirements.
  • Allows individual and mailbox validation.
  • Organization-validated.
  • And sponsor-validated signatures.

How can I get a certificate for S/MIME?

A certificate authority (CA), such as DigiCert, can offer you a S/MIME certificate that verifies your senders, email addresses, and company. This will guarantee that every email is encrypted and signed to protect against phishing and other forms of tampering.


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