What is the COMODO RSA Certification Authority?

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What is Comodo RSA Certificate Authority

The COMODO RSA certification authority is the most trusted and respected authority for signing SSL certificates. Are you also fed up reading about this everywhere but having no clue what the COMODO RSA certification authority is or why it’s’ the most respected one? You’re at the right place, then. This article will help you answer your “what” and “why.”

First, let’s understand what a Comodo RSA Certification Authority is?

Certificate authorities provide network, Internet, and authentication solutions to businesses for conducting business and smooth communication. These authorities are a key link in the internet security chain. The main purpose of these authorities is to act as trusted third parties and securely sign certificates for network entities they have authenticated using secure means. The sign stands as a proof for other network entities to verify that the certificate authority has authenticated the bearer of a certificate.

One of such authorities is the COMODO certificate authority (CA). However, to consider COMODO as just another authority will be an injustice to the brand. The COMODO RSA certification authority also know as comodo rsa domain validation secure server ca is a leading certificate authority in the global market. With its identity and trust assurance services, it has a customer base of more than 700,000 customers worldwide and 100 million secured websites. Check out all the various SSL certificates from COMODO.

With the continuous evolution of the Internet, COMODO has evolved from a vendor of antivirus software to one of the biggest players in the cybersecurity industry. COMODO SSL certificates provides a trustworthy and secure environment by providing the below mentioned points.

  • Authentication: COMODO can provide authentication to individuals, businesses, and content in order to ensure the integrity and proof of identity.
  • Information Security: Using its universally trusted PKI to encrypt data at all stages of its life cycle
  • Website Security: If COMODO handles your website’s security, you can happily rest assured.

What about the COMODO RSA Certification Authority?

The COMODO RSA Certificate Authority is the root. From here, we sign and subsequently chain all other SSL certificates. We understand that the COMODO RSA Certificate Authority isn’t easy to understand especially when its definition is based on the jargon listed below and questions about it.

  • What is root? How does it work?
  • What’s the role of the certificate chain?
  • What do intermediate certificates do?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you all covered. Read further to thoroughly understand the root certificate chain and intermediate certificate in the COMODO RSA Certificate Authority context.

Understanding Root

To understand it in layman’s terms, a root certificate is the issuing SSL certificate. It comes pre-installed in your browser’s trust store. The COMODO RSA certification authority is one of those trusted roots.

Your browser must climb the trust chain to ensure that it is linked to a trusted root. If this process is successful, your SSL certificate becomes trusted and is directly chained to the root.

However, it isn’t as simple as it looks. It establishes links through a series of certificates to ensure that the issuing root remains uncompromised.

Understanding the certificate chain

If you’ve understood the root certificate correctly, you’ve also understood how an SSL certificate links through a series of intermediate chains to authenticate an entity and not directly to the root certificate. Now in this case, if the  SSL certificate doesn’t link back to a root, the browser will not accept its authentication.

Thus, we refer to the chain formed for an SSL certificate to establish a link back to the root as the certificate chain. In a simpler way, a certificate chain is the list of certificates starting from a server’s certificate and terminating with the root certificate.

Understanding the Intermediate Certificate

As the name suggests, we issue the intermediate certificate as an intermediary between the certificate authority and the end user’s certificate. It functions as a verification mechanism that informs a browser that a certificate was issued under secure and valid conditions.

To understand it at a deeper level, there’s a possibility for an SSL certificate to link directly to the root certificate. Thus, a trusted root certificate authority (in this case, the COMODO RSA Certificate Authority) issues an intermediate certificate as a subordinate certificate and provides it to a certificate provider, granting them the authority to issue an SSL server certificate.

Now that you’ve got a pretty good grasp of what COMODO is and what the COMODO RSA certification authority does let’s also understand the importance of the same.

Importance of COMODO RSA Certification Authority (Comodo RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA)

1. Help secure the internet for both organizations and users

Through its thorough process of issuing certificates, it ensures that the organization and its users are secured on the internet.

2. Provides authenticity to an individual or business

Once a business or an individual is certified with the COMODO RSA Certification Authority, it automatically gives authenticity to that business or individual. You’ve probably seen errors like “comodo rsa certification authority not trusted” while surfing the web. That is your warning sign that the individual or business has not been verified and thus their authenticity cannot be trusted.

3. Builds trust amongst users

Having a COMODO RSA certification automatically puts you in a position of trust amongst your users. It depicts that your identity could be trusted and is authentic.

While we tried to provide you with the most relevant and important key pointers for understanding what COMODO RSA Certification Authority is and what it does, it’s also inevitable that you will learn a lot about it on the fly when directly working with it. COMODO RSA is a huge organization, and there’s much you can explore to gain a deeper understanding of the same.

Comodo has come a long way from its inception until now, and it does not look like it intends to stop anytime soon. With more developments and technological reforms coming in, we’ll keep coming up with such reads for you that help you gain a deeper understanding and prepare you mentally for their implementation as well.

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