How to Install an SSL Certificate on IIS 10?

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Install SSL Certificate on IIS 10

Learn How to Install SSL Certificate on IIS 10 with these Easy Steps

Installing an SSL certificate on Internet Information Services (IIS) 10 can help secure and encrypt the data transmitted between your website and its users. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to successfully install SSL certificate IIS 10.

Generate CSR

Before installing an SSL/TLS certificate, it’s important to generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and submit it for validation and signing to the Certificate Authority. You can also use a free Windows certificate management tool to order and install your certificate with ease.

Install an SSL Certificate on IIS 10

Step-1: Locate certificate order.

First, locate the order in your account and click one of the download links.

Step-2: Download the Certificate

Next, click the download link to the right of Microsoft IIS (*.p7b) in the certificate downloads table.

Step-3: Start IIS Manager

Start IIS Manager. One quick way to do this is by opening the Run command, then typing inetmgr and clicking the OK button.

Step-4: Select Server

Select the server in the Connections pane on the left side of the window.

Step-5: Open Server Certificates

Double-click the Server Certificates icon, located under IIS, in the center pane of the window.

Step-6: Click “Complete Certificate Request…”

Click Complete Certificate Request… in the Actions pane on the right side of the window.

Step-7: Click … button

The Complete Certificate Request wizard will appear. First, click the button labeled “…” to open the file open dialog box.

Step-8: Navigate to the certificate file

Navigate to the .p7b file you downloaded from Note that you will have to change the drop-down menu to the right of the File name field from *.cer to *.* to see the file.

Step-9: Open the file

Click the Open button.

Step-10: Create a friendly name

Next, enter a memorable name for the certificate in the Friendly name field (here, we are simply entering the certificate’s common name).

Step-11: Click OK

Click the OK button.


The certificate is installed! The next step is to bind the certificate to a particular website, port, and/or IP address.

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