How to Install an SSL Certificate on Microsoft Azure?

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Install an SSL Certificate on Microsoft Azure

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing SSL certificate on Microsoft Azure

If you’re using Microsoft Azure to host your website, the process of installing an SSL certificate is simple and straightforward. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps of obtaining an Azure SSL certificate and installing it on your Azure web server.

Generation of CSR

Generating a CSR code for Microsoft Azure requires a different process compared to other server platforms, as Azure does not have the option to generate the code within its interface. Azure only allows for the uploading of SSL certificates from the Azure console. To complete this process, you will need to use the IIS (Internet Information Services) manager on a local Windows machine, then install your certificate on the IIS server, and finally export it as a PFX format from the Windows server before importing it into the Microsoft Azure portal.

Install an SSL Certificate on Microsoft Azure


Before securing your Azure web app with an SSL certificate, ensure the certificate meets the criteria:

  • PFX file encrypted with triple DES, protected with a password
  • Private key length of at least 2048 bits
  • Includes intermediate and root certificates

Note: Only Basic, Standard, Premium, or Isolated web app plans support third-party certificates.

Step 1: Download the certificate archive and extract it.

Step 2: Combine the server, root, and intermediate certificates into a single “mergedcertificate.crt” file in the sequence: server, intermediate 1 & 2, root.


The next step is to export the merged SSL certificate along with its private key to a PFX file.

Here is the process to export the SSL certificate as a PFX file using OpenSSL:

openssl pkcs12 -export -out 5. myserver.pfx -inkey -in <merged-certificate-file>

Remember to replace <merged-certificate-file> and the other placeholders with the actual paths to your private key and merged certificate file.


To upload the certificate to your Azure App Service, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Azure portal.
  • Select App Services from the left menu and then select your app.
  • Go to TLS/SSL settings > Private Key Certificates(.pfx) > Upload Certificate.
  • Choose your PFX file in the PFX Certificate File section.
  • Enter the password you created when you exported the PFX file in the Certificate password field and click Upload.
  • Finally, to create a certificate binding so that your domain is encrypted with this specific certificate, follow the Azure documentation.

It’s done!

Where to buy an SSL Certificate for Microsoft Azure Server?

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Janki Mehta

Janki Mehta

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