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Comodo Document Sighing certificate provides organizations, individuals, and teams to add a digital signature to a document of various file formats that helps prove ownership. Similarly, the digital signature added to a document is an encrypted hash function of your message that can be decrypted by someone who holds the copy of your public key.

Comodo Document Signing certificates provide a robust 256-bits encryption standard that helps make your signature unforgeable, which helps your employees identify that file that came from isn't infected and safe to open.

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Features of Comodo Document Signing Certificate

  • Comodo Document Signing certificate is compatible with all Adobe products.
  • Lifetime support for authenticity and non-repudiation of documents.
  • Provided for 1, 2, and 3 years validity options.
  • Unlimited document signing.
  • The timestamp feature, which shows at what time the document is signed.
  • For browser compliance and security, robust 2048-bit encryption and SHA-2 Signing.
  • Displays the email and name of the signer in the digital signature.
  • Easy authentication of sensitive documents that needs multiple signatures.
  • Visual indicator to expose signed document that has been tampered with.
  • Option to automatically sign for bulk documents or manual Signing for one document at a given moment.
  • Supported by the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act & international laws.

Benefits of Comodo Document Signing Certificate

SSL Support For Multiple Files

Sign All Types of Documents

It allows you to sign all types of popular office documents digitally. For instance, you'll be able to quickly sign documents of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Reader, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice.

CA B Forum Compliance

Complies With International Laws

Documents signed using Comodo Document Signing certificate comply with various international laws, the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act, and the European Union's and eIDAS.



Signing your documents using a Document Signing certificate provided by the CAs (Certificate Authorities) like Comodo is considered more secure than usual e-signatures. Likewise, it provides an encrypted USB token and a password to sign, which works as two-factor authentication.

SSL Without Paper Work

No Expiration

Once you sign your document using the Document Signing certificate, the digital signature will remain valid till its entire lifecycle, as it never expires. And, if someone tampered with the document at any point, the recipient of the document will get notified. Likewise, to increase the security of your signature, you can also use the free feature of the timestamp provided with the certificate.

SSL Support For Multiple Files

File Integrity

Once you digitally sign your document or file, a hashing function is implemented with Signing. Likewise, the hashing function also notifies the user if anyone tries to infect a file with a malicious virus or manipulate it, which helps maintain file integrity.

SSL Validation Process

Signing Key Size of 2048-Bits RSA

The signing key of the Document Signing certificate is of robust 2048-bit RSA, which means you can stay assured that it's not possible to forge the signature. Likewise, even with modern computers of nowadays will take around 6.4 quadrillion years to calculate private key's value.

Show Your Identity as a Signer

Show Your Identity as a Signer

By digitally signing your document using a Document Signing certificate, you're allowing everyone to verify your identity. Likewise, your digital signature on the document is applied using a 2048-bit RSA, which can't be faked.

Unique Signature

Unique Signature

Like ink signature, the document signed with the Document Signing certificate has a unique signature that cannot be faked and helps validate your identity.

Compatibility of Comodo Document Signing Certificate

  • LibreOfficeLibreOffice.
  • Open OfficeOpen Office.
  • MS OfficeMicrosoft Office.
  • Adobe Air ApplicationsAdobe Acrobat & Adobe Reader.
  • Document SigningThird-Party Solution Like DocuSign.
  • Documents of other extensions like DOCX, PDFs, XML, and ODFDocuments of other extensions like DOCX, PDFs, XML, and ODF.

Who Should Use Document Signing Certificate?

An organization that deals with sensitive information daily can benefit from the Document Signing certificates offered by certificate authorities such as Comodo to maintain a higher level of security and integrity of the data. Some of the sectors where it proves helpful are like:

  • Shipping documents
  • EU laws and regulations
  • Insurance documents
  • Medical records
  • Legal documents
  • Loan applications
  • Engineering approvals
  • HR records
  • Sales agreements
  • Government documents
  • Investment/private banking
  • Education records
  • Account openings

Asked Questions

What Is Document Signing Certificate?

A Document Signing certificate is a digital security certificate that allows teams, organizations, and individuals to add a digital signature to a document of various file formats that helps prove your ownership over the document.

Can I Use an SSL Certificate in Place of Document Signing Certificate?

No, you can't use an SSL certificate to sign and secure documents. Similarly, you cannot secure a website connection using the document signing certificate.


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