Where to Buy S/MIME Certificate at a Cheap Price?

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A S/MIME Certificate is primarily used to secure email conversations and attachments. Read about it further!

The corporate world requires endless communication and file sharing. Business executives use a bunch of tools daily to keep up the communication and management part of the business. One of these tools is an email ID.

As per stats, around 319.6 billion emails were sent across the world in 2021 daily, with the number ready to rise up to 376.4 billion in 2025. The thing that we need to highlight here is email security and the role of the S/MIME Certificate in it.

You see, just like sharing sensitive information on the web is unsafe if an SSL certificate is not installed. Sharing sensitive information can also be unsafe if the S/MIME certificate is not used!

So, what is this S/MIME certificate, and where to buy S/MIME Certificate? All these questions of yours will be clearly answered in this content piece.

What is a S/MIME Certificate, and Why is it Important?

S/MIME is the short version of Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension. Just like code signing certificates, S/MIME Certificates are email signing certificates that ensure the total security of the email content.

S/MIME Certificates ensure the recipient that the email comes from an authorized and legitimate source. On top of that, the email signing certificate promises that no one except the recipient and the sender can read, intercept, tamper, or compromise the contents of the email.

The use of the S/MIME Certificate is crucial due to various reasons, such as

S/MIME Certificate Provides Data Privacy

The use of the S/MIME Certificate ensures supreme data privacy. It means that none of your data in the mail is shared with anyone.

It Ensures Message Integrity

When you use the S/MIME Certificate to sign an email, it ensures that the recipient that the contents of the message are not tampered with in any way. The decryption can be done only by the recipient’s private key. During the decryption process, the contents of the email are verified for authenticity.

Data Security is Paramount

The S/MIME Certificate is an end-to-end encryption solution. When the email is sent, it is hashed and digitally signed by the sender using the private key. When the recipient sees the mail, they authenticate the sender by checking the public key that comes with it.

Further, a private key is used to decrypt the message. The use of asymmetric cryptography ensures total data security.

Encrypted email process explained by describing public key and private key

Where to Buy S/MIME Certificate at a Cheap Price?

Before we dive into the process to buy S/MIME certificate, let’s take a look at the pros of the S/MIME Certificate for businesses. As businesses tend to use countless emails for daily communication, email security is a big need for them.

Here are some of the key pros of using the S/MIME Certificate for businesses!

S/MIME Certificate Builds and Protects Business Reputation

With a S/MIME Certificate, the recipients of your emails, clients, or users will be assured that it comes from a reputed company. On top of that, there is no issue of malware in it, thus, enhancing security and business reputation.

Minimal Business Risk

By using the S/MIME Certificate to sign emails, you can reduce business risk. As per the SlashNext Phishing Report of 2022, over 255 million phishing attacks were recorded in 2022. This was an increase of 61% as compared to the previous year.

The S/MIME Certificate adds an extra layer for verifying the sender’s identity. This extra layer helps in combating email phishing techniques.

Preventing Identity Theft

Identity theft is a big con for businesses. As business emails are used to share various types of critical information like bank credentials, user IDs, passwords, etc., an identity thief can take utmost advantage of this. But not in the presence of the S/MIME certificate.

The encrypted digital signature can reduce these identity thefts. In extreme cases, even if the hacker broke the encryption, the content needs to be matched, which can take forever.

These are all the benefits of using a S/MIME Certificate. If you want to buy S/MIME certificate, there are various sources from where you can get it. One of those sources is CheapSSLWeb.

It offers you all types of S/MIME certificates along with other online security products like SSL certificates and code signing certificates.

Here are some of the S/MIME Certificates provided by Cheap SSL Web.

Personal Authentication

It is the most affordable S/MIME Certificate that you can use. The personal authentication certificate is available at $7.99/yr for three years. Here are some of its core benefits of it!

  1. You can sign all your email communications and important documents digitally.
  2. It provides two-factor authentication for documents sent throughout the network.
  3. Documents are encrypted so that only permitted people can use them.
  4. The certificate is trusted by various servers, OSs, and other platforms as it has a robust 2048-bit RSA signature key.

COMODO SMIME Certificate

The COMODO S/MIME certificate is an upgraded version of the personal authentication certificate.

  1. The certificate is from the family of  X.509 certificates that help in securing communication between your employees.
  2. The certificate ensures the integrity of email messages.
  3. It provides end-to-end encryption.
  4. The certificate is compatible with all primary email clients.
  5. It features robust 256-bit email encryption and digital signing capability.

Enterprise SMIME Certificate

The Enterprise SMIME Certificate is used to safeguard the emails and messages of the entire organization. Let’s look at its features!

  1. The Enterprise SMIME Certificate authenticates the sender’s identity and promises message confidentiality.
  2. These certificates support multi-factor authentication.
  3. You can use Enterprise SMIME Certificate to sign documents and make them tamper-proof.
  4. They are compatible with email systems like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Mail.
  5. You can recover destroyed or lost keys with the help of an awesome feature, Comodo’s escrow, and encryption key history.

COMODO SMIME Pro Certificate

The features of the COMODO SMIME Pro Certificate are almost the same as the general COMODO SMIME Certificate. Here are some that make it distinguishable!

  1. The COMODO SMIME Pro Certificate helps in reducing phishing emails.
  2. It provides you with a reputation boost.
  3. The COMODO SMIME Pro Certificate is supported by multiple email clients, namely, MailMate, IBM Notes, Apple Mail, Gmail, Ciphermail, and more.
  4. It reduces compliance risks and related fines.
  5. Lastly, it makes email communication trustworthy.

How to Implement the S/MIME Certificate?

If you want to use the functionality of the certificate, you have to know how to implement it. Yes, it may seem tough, but with the following steps, you can do it easily! Here are the steps to implement it in Outlook 2010 and later versions.

First, you need to import the certificate. For this, you need to open the file followed by Options in Outlook.

  1. Go to Trust Center, then to Trust Center Settings.
  2. On the left-hand side of the Trust Center Settings page, click on Email Security.
  3. Here, you will see the Import/Export button. Click on it.
  4. Click on the Browse option and look for the PKCS12 certificate file.
  5. Enter the Digital ID name and password and click on OK.
  6. Next, you need to choose the security level for storing the private key and press OK.

Next, you need to assign the certificate! Here are the steps to do it!

  1. Open Outlook > Trust Center Settings > Email Security > Settings.
  2. Here, you have to opt for the signing and encryption certificate.
  3. For both certificates, click on choose and then choose the signing certificate and encryption certificate and click on OK.
  4. Finally, click on OK, and you are done.

Now, you can encrypt the emails. For this, you just have to write the email. After that, you click on Options, followed by Encrypt and Sign. After this, when you send the email, it will be encrypted and signed.


Hence, if you want to buy S/MIME Certificate, you can go to CheapSSLWeb and purchase the certificate from there. All of them are available at an affordable price. It is ideal for getting the S/MIME Certificate keeping its awesome features in mind. On top of that, it is also easy to implement.

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