GeoTrust DV SSL (FLEX) Secures 1 Domain + 2 Additional SAN

GeoTrust DV SSL (FLEX) @ $39.99

Secures 1 Domain + 2 Additional SAN

GeoTrust DV Flex SSL Certificate is among the most affordable and best-selling DV SSL certificates. It will be issued to you in few minutes, adding to the speed and efficiency. It is a domain validation (DV) certificate, so the validation procedure is faster. It works well for websites that don't gather user data and only require the lowest possible level of security for their web pages.


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DV SSL Validation Domain Validation
SSL Issuance in Minutes Up to 256 bit Encryption
256 Bit Ssl Encryption Unlimited Reissuance
Unlimited SSL Reissuance Unlimited Server Licenses

GeoTrust Standard DV with Flex Protects up to 250 different standard or wildcard Domains at Lowest Price

A maximum of 250 standard or wildcard domains can be added with the flex functionality. This implies that you mix and match any combination to identify the best cost-effective solution for your requirements.

Certificate management will be much easier if all your domains are under a single certificate since you only need to go through the SSL lifecycle once. Because of its moderate level of security, the GeoTrust DV SSL Flex Certificate is an excellent choice for small or medium-sized companies.

Sectigo OV UCC SSL Certificate

Features of GeoTrust DV SSL Flex Certificate

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Name of SSL Certificate GeoTrust DV SSL (Flex)
Algorithm Standard Strong 256 – bit encryption
Validation Level Organization Validated
Issuance Period In Few Minutes
Visible Trust Indication for Users Secure HTTPS URLs, Site Seal & Padlock icon
Certificate Authorities Trust Seal GeoTrust Dynamic Site Seal
Domain Security Up to 250 Domains
Server Licensing Unlimited
Key Length RSA key length of up to 2048 – bits
Mobile & Smartphone Support 99.9%
Browser Compatibility 99.9%
Reissuance Unlimited
Warranty Amount $500,000
Refund Within 30 Days of Purchase

Compare DV SSL Flex Certificates

Subscription Certera logo GeoTrust DV SSL (FLEX) Starts @ Buy Now Comodo COMODO Domain Validated (DV) UCC SSL Starts @ Buy Now sectigo GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN Starts @ Buy Now
Multiple Years Option N/A N/A N/A
Domain Security 1 Domain + 2 Extra SAN 1 Domain + 2 Extra SAN 1 Domain + 4 Extra SAN
Additional SANs Add/Remove Up to 247 SANs Add/Remove Up to 247 SANs Add/Remove Up to 247 SANs
Issuance Time Minutes Minutes Minutes
Site Seal GeoTrust Site Seal Comodo Site Seal GeoTrust Site Seal
Validation Requirement Domain Validation Domain Validation Domain Validation
Visible Trust Indicator HTTPS + Padlock + Site Seal HTTPS + Padlock + Site Seal HTTPS + Padlock + Site Seal
Encryption Strength 256-Bit Encryption 256-Bit Encryption 256-Bit Encryption
Server Licensing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Technical Support N/A N/A N/A
Warranty $500,000 $250,000 $500,000
Refund Policy 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund

Advantages of GeoTrust Standard DV Flex SSL Certificate

Quick Domain Validation

Quick Domain Validation

Since it's a DV SSL certificate, you must confirm your domain. This implies that you must provide documentation proving you are the domain's owner. Users will feel secure knowing that their connection is secured.

Standard Encryption

Standard Encryption

One fully qualified domain name is secure by the GeoTrust DV SSL (FLEX) using 256-bit encryption and a 2048-bit CSR.

Secure SAN Assistance

Secure SAN Assistance

This multi-domain SSL can manage up to 250 SAN items, each of which can handle a base domain OR a sub-domain.

Latest FLEX technology

Latest FLEX technology

The new FLEX feature has a fantastic range of items, which protects wildcard domains, subdomains, and regular single domains all at once.

Accepts all Widely used Browsers

Accepts all Widely used Browsers

Given that 99.9% of browsers support it, it is legitimate to state that most devices and browsers are compatible with this cert.

Dynamic Secure Site Seal

Dynamic Secure Site Seal

A dynamic "secured site seal" that communicates to website users that they are on an encrypted page and that their digital transactions are secured.


Asked Questions

What is GeoTrust DV SSL?

GeoTrust Standard DV SSL certificates provide enhanced encryption and additional benefits that boost a website's security and reliability. This single-domain certificate can be used for both your non-WWW and WWW versions of your domain, and it comes with an infinite number of server licenses!

Is GeoTrust DV SSL Compatible with all the Browsers?

All GeoTrust Certificates are compatible with 99.9% of browsers and devices and are accessible in contemporary and outdated browsers.

What does DV SSL offer?

  • A crucial component is the 2048-bit SSL Certificate signature from the Domain Validation.
  • 256-bit strong encryption is available.
  • Compatibility with internet and mobile browsers is 99.9%.
  • A certificate authority (CA) offers a free, secure site seal.
  • The minutes of issuance.

What is the DV SSL Issuance Period?

Rapid issuance—it often happens in a matter of seconds!


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