How to Install Wildcard SSL Certificate on Fortigate?

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Install Wildcard SSL on Fortigate

A Wildcard SSL certificate is one certificate that promises to cover an array of subdomains. This implies that these certificates can potentially authenticate a multitude of subdomains that helps save sufficient time and money. Fortigate SSL VPN Wildcard certificate offers these certificates at the most cost-effective rates online. They promise exceptional warranty on the security of these services that help customers build a robust sense of reliability.

With Fortigate SSL VPN Wildcard certificate, it becomes easier for customers to leverage their subdomain security without much hindrance. So, if you are looking to understand how to install a Wildcard SSL certificate on Fortigate, we can help you. Here’s a comprehensive guide on this subject for your reference.

Steps To Install Wildcard SSL Certificate On Fortigate

Many users who want to leverage Fortigate use Wildcard certificate SSL VPN face challenges when installing the certificate. To make this a cakewalk for them, we have introduced a step-by-step guide on the same. Now, installing the Wildcard SSL certificate gets easier than ever on Fortigate as you adhere to each step carefully. Here’s how!

Step 1: Preparing Your Certificate Files

1. Generate a CSR and Private Key

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a form of message that is particularly curated to serve as an encrypted code between two parties. Before the certificate is issued, it is significant for the Certificate Authority to validate the CSR. This makes it possible for a customer to go about other necessary steps to receive the Fortigate SSL inspection Wildcard certificate.

Along with CSR, it becomes essential to obtain the private key. This is the most important asset that makes encryption possible. It is a separate file that contains the encrypted information occurring between two parties. In this case, the party is the hosting server and the user.

2. Purchase a Wildcard SSL Certificate

Now that the CSR and private key have been approved, you must buy a preferred Wildcard SSL certificate to adhere to the next step. At this point, make sure you compare the prices online on diverse websites properly. This will help make sure that you acquire the one that is most nominal for your domain.

However, do not forget to closely inspect the encryption level and validation level that your preferred Wildcard SSL certificate has to offer. Accordingly, you can go ahead to buy them and complete your Fortigate install Wildcard SSL certificate process.

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3. Download The Certificate Files To Your Device

At this point, you need to carefully install the certificate you have just purchased. Make sure you install the certificate on the desktop you wish to use consistently.

Step 2: Uploading the Certificates in the FortiGate GUI

Log into the Web-based Manager Of Your Fortigate Device

Now, visit System. Then tap into Certificates and choose ‘Local Certificates.’

Click ‘Import,’ select the .pem file, enter Alias name, and click OK.

Step 3: Configure the Settings Of FortiGate SSL

• Visit System > Feature Select and tap into ‘SSL Inspection.’

• Now, go to Policy & Objects > SSL/SSH Profile and build a profile for your Certificate.

Tips And Warnings For Fortigate Install Wildcard SSL Certificate

1. Leverage The Most Recent Version Of Fortigate

Using outdated versions of Fortigate software could leave a scarring impact on your domain security. This may occur due to compatibility issues that your outdated version may not be potentially useful for. In order to amplify this process and support better compatibility, it is recommended to always use the most recent version of this software on your device.

2. Ensure Regular Certificate Updates

Fortigate provides regular certificate updates to intensify your domain security. That is why you must ensure regularly updating them so that your subdomains are well-protected all the time. The updates also improve the speed of the certificate in delivering the quality-driven security services that it offers.

Winding Up!

Fortigate is a potential software to amplify the benefits of your Wildcard SSL certificate. We have laid out a comprehensive gist on how you can install the software for unmatched Wildcard SSL certificate use.

So, keep in mind to follow them step by step, as that will minimize the inconveniences of installation for you. In case of any queries, make sure you focus on the safety tips and warnings we have provided here as well. Together, they will allow you to have a seamless experience with this certificate.

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