Setup Multiple SSL Certificates on Single IP Address – Quick Guide

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set up multiple ssl certificates on one ip

Easy to Follow Four Simple Steps to Setup Multiple SSL Certificates on One IP Address

Before the TLS (Transport Layer Security) extension came into existence, an extension was known as SNI (Server Name Indication).

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) was limited to only OV (Organization Validated) SSL certificates used to secure IP addresses. Likewise, SSL for websites requires having a dedicated IP.

For instance, SNI can become helpful in securing multiple Apache server-based websites with a single SSL certificate. Also, multiple SSL certificates can help secure sites on a single server with one single IP address.

In other words, you can secure multiple websites without purchasing more than one SSL certificate, IP address, or hardware.

Nonetheless, let’s get into detail and understand how you can set up an SSL certificate for more than one website using a single IP address. In addition, this type of approach is often seen in shared hosting environments.

Here’s How to Setup Multiple SSL Certificates on One Single IP Address

  • First, create a virtual host for the website. Then, create your own .conf file or use an existing .conf file. And, if you create the newer .conf file, be sure you add the below line in that newer .conf file.
Include my_other_site.conf
  • Further, in the directory NameVirtualHost, list your site with the port *.443
  • Point your certificate key and chain where they’re stored on your server:
Multi SSL Certificate on One IP SSL

Lastly, reset the server, and your SSL certificates should start working on the same IP address.

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