OV Code Signing Certificate – Detailed Guide on Documents You Need to Get It Issued

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documents required for ov code signing

Quick Analysis of Documents Required to Issue OV Code Signing Certificate

Suppose you’re among software developer or software development company that builds software and applications. In that case, you know how vital a code signing certificate is that helps in avoiding notorious warning messages like Unknown Publisher to retain the trust of your software and third-party software publishing websites.

But getting a cheap code signing certificate is also tedious, especially if you’re purchasing for the first time. Because once you buy and generate CSR, you have to go through a validation process where CA (Certificate Authority) verifies your business authenticity by checking certain documents. Therefore, here we will discuss what documents you need to submit, so CA can complete its validation process and issue your purchased code signing ov certificate.

For OV Code Signing Certificate, You Need to Fulfill Four Requirements

Organization Authentication

The CA (Certificate Authority), like Sectigo and Comodo, verifies whether you’re a legal business entity active on a registered location.

Locality Presence

The CA verifies and confirms your company has a physical presence in the state or country where it’s registered.

Telephone Verification

The CA (Certificate Authority) uses your company’s presently listed telephone number.

Verification Call

Once the above verification completes, you’ll receive one final verification call from the certificate authority. Here, it’ll ask simple questions like whether you ordered the sectigo code signing certificate or comodo code signing certificate, whether you are an authorized person to purchase it, and some order details.

And once the requirements are fulfilled, your verification process is considered complete, and your ov code signing certificate is immediately issued.

Nonetheless, let’s find out what documents you must submit to complete the validation process mentioned above.

Documents You Need to Submit to the Certificate Authority

Here below are the documents you need to submit to complete the validation process and get your OV Code Signing certificate issued:

Company Registration Documents

You will require to submit your business registration documents issued by the local government that proves your company is a legit entity. For instance,

  • DBA Statements
  • A Chartered License
  • Articles of Incorporation

Legal Opinion Letter

A Legal Opinion Letter, also known as POL (Professional Opinion Letter), is a written letter from an accountant or an attorney that vouches for the authenticity of your company. Similarly, it helps in completing multiple requirements like:

  • Organization Authentication
  • Physical Address
  • Telephone Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Operational Existence

Dun & Bradstreet Credit Report

For company details verification, Certificate Authorities (CAs) like Sectigo accept credit reports from respected and reliable financial reporting companies around the globe, like D&B (Dun & Bradstreet). Also, D&B reports satisfy three requirements:

  • Physical Address
  • Telephone Verification
  • Operation Existence

Listing in Third Party Directory

Suppose the business or organization details are listed in trusted and known third-party directories, and the information in it matches with the information you give to the CA (Certificate Authority). In that case, CA accepts to verify your business Telephone Number. Similarly, below are the third-party directory that is considered:

  • Scoot
  • The Yellow Pages
  • 192.com
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Janki Mehta

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