How to Install an SSL Certificate on Remote Desktop Services?

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Install an SSL Certificate on Remote Desktop Services

Install an SSL Certificate on Remote Desktop Services: How to do it?

Installing an SSL certificate on Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is an essential step in securing your RDS environment. Installing RD web certificate is applied to both the RD Web and RD Gateway, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of all data transmitted.

In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step process to install an SSL certificate on your RDS.

Generate CSR

To apply for an RD Gateway SSL, generate a CSR code and submit it to the CA. The CSR contains your website/company details. You can generate the CSR in IIS, which is pre-installed with Windows Server, based on the version of your Remote Desktop Gateway Server. For example, if using RDS 2016, use IIS 10 included in Windows Server 2016 to generate the CSR and install the SSL certificate for remote desktop connection.

Install an SSL Certificate on Remote Desktop Services

Make sure you have all the necessary SSL files before starting the installation process. This includes:

Server certificate with .cer or .crt extension

Intermediate certificates, which can be found in the .ca-bundle file from your ZIP archive

Private key with .key extension, which was created when generating the CSR code.

Let’s get started!

Step-1: Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Gateway Manager to access the Remote Desktop Gateway Manager.

Step-2: In the Remote Desktop Gateway Manager Console tree, right-click on RD Gateway Server and select Properties.

Step-3: Click the SSL Certificate tab, then Import a certificate in the RD Gateway Certificates (local computer)/personal store.

Step-4: Click Browse and import certificate.

Step-5: Locate your SSL Certificate and click Open.

Step-6: Enter the password for your Private Key.

Step-7: Click Import Certificate and then OK.

Step-8: Restart your server to apply the changes.

You have successfully installed an RDS SSL Certificate.

Verify SSL Installation

Once you have installed the RDP certificate, check the SSL padlock and certificate information by entering your URL in your browser’s address bar. Although everything may appear correct, it is recommended to perform a comprehensive test of your SSL configuration to identify any hidden errors or vulnerabilities. Utilize efficient SSL tools that provide immediate scans and reports on the status of your SSL Certificate.

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